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On October 19, Disney’s brand-new service, Disney Genie will launch at Walt Disney World. The main goal of Disney Genie is to help Guests maximize their time in the theme parks by minimizing their time spent waiting in line. Disney Genie will also give Guests customized options based on things like their attraction and food preferences.

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Many Guests are excited to see Disney embrace technology in a way that will help them get the most out of their time in the theme parks. The free aspect of Disney Genie seems to be something that many Guests will look forward to taking advantage of, including Facebook user Jim S.

I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to embrace technology. No one needs to use it, but it’s there for those who desire. Keeps the company current and trends with the younger generations. Makes wonderful business sense. We’ll use it some, if we need to better manage our time. I like that the option is available and up to the individual. Looking forward to experiencing it.

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Also being introduced is the new paid-for service, called Disney Genie+. Walt Disney World Guests will be able to pay $15 per person, per day in order to have access to attraction Lightning Lanes — which are the new FastPass lanes — and get to the front of the line faster. The FastPass system used to be free to all Guests visiting the theme parks, and the new paid system is causing a lot of talk amongst Guests.

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Many Guests do not like the fact that Disney has taken away a free service and replaced it with a paid one. Taking a vacation to Walt Disney World is a very big expense for most families and some can’t see themselves spending additional money just to get to the front of the line faster.

Many also find it problematic that not all rides will be available on Disney Genie+. Some rides will be considered “individual attraction selections” and Guests will have to pay an additional fee just to ride that specific attraction.

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Facebook user Kristin W. shared her opinions on Disney Genie+ with the Inside the Magic Facebook page:

I’m disappointed that they are charging for Genie+ and individual rides. I think ticket prices have gone up so much over the last few years that it’s unfair to add these extra charges. All this should be included in the ticket price since they always were. I don’t plan on paying for these services.

Cheryl S. also believes that the new Disney Genie+ will create more of a divide between the haves and the have-nots.

No way already pay a fortune. At least with the fast pass everyone was equal. Now only the more affluent can get it

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Barbara R. doesn’t sound completely opposed to the concept of a paid-for FastPass system, but she wishes that Disney Genie+ was more like the Express Pass that can be purchased at Universal Studios.

Honestly, I would have been willing to pay approx $60 for an all-day fast pass similar to Universal’s add-on where you could fast pass all-day with no differentiation between rides nor restrictions as to how many times used. This is a bit ridiculous.

However, not all Guests are fully against Disney Genie+, with some being willing to pay for the convenience of getting on a ride faster. Facebook user Jason B. is one of those people.

Time is money especially in disney with kids I will gladly pay a little to enjoy more rides and spend less time in line.

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Yvonne P. feels the same way as Jason but does acknowledge that not all families will be able to afford to pay for Disney Genie+, on top of all of the other expenses they are already incurring on their vacation to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Probably going to get it because I feel like I’m done for a good long time after my next trip. It’s just me so the 15 bucks is somewhat easier. Feel so sorry for families.

Disney Genie+ will also be making its way to Disneyland Resort, but Disney officials have not said when, only that it will come sometime this fall. Disney Genie+ is similar to the MaxPass system that had been in place at Disneyland before the shutdown, so it is something that west coast theme park Guests are somewhat used to.

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At this time, Disney Genie+ will not be offered as an add-on for Annual Passholders or Magic Key Holders, but Disney could decide to make it one at any time in the future.

Will you be willing to pay for Disney Genie+ so you can get to the front of the line faster? Let us know in the comments!

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