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  1. Drew

    If 12,000 downvotes to 900 upvotes on YouTube means “divided,” then sure.

  2. THX1138

    Stand in line, wait you’re turn!
    Pass it on.

  3. Matt

    More frustrating is going to Disney now when no fast pass or Genie in place, but having dozens of people go through the lightning line. This is my last trip to disney

    1. NotAllDisabilitiesAreVisible

      You know it’s also used for disability access and tours, right? Then, they’re also still giving out passes if you get stuck on a ride.

  4. Carrie

    A huge benefit to singles and couples, as families with children who can’t stump up for genie+ on top of multiples of everything else will be priced out.

    Won’t this just create a system where adults bypass queues and kids stand and wait?

    A real shame for a place that is designed with families in mind.

  5. Carrie

    Honestly feel like Walt Disney would hate this decision. Definitely affects families that can’t afford to pay the extra..especially the individual ride cost. I loved the old Fastpass, everyone had equal opportunity. Sad Disney has made this decision.

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