What to Expect When an Attractions Breaks Down at Disney While You’re Riding It

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We often discuss what happens when an attraction temporarily closes at Walt Disney World, as this can happen quite often, but what happens when you are on the ride and it breaks down?

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Having an attraction evacuate Guests at Disney World is not incredibly common; however, it can happen! When an evacuation happens, this means that the attraction can no longer continue moving on its track due to a mechanical issue or safety issues. When this happens, Disney has to ensure that all Guests at the attraction can exit safely.

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If an evacuation happens, Guests will be altered through speakers that a Cast Member will be on the way to help them exit the attraction safely. Oftentimes, work lights will turn on, and attraction music and function will stop so that Guests can safely exit and have full sight to see where they are walking.

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Once a Cast Member approaches the ride vehicle, they may ask you not to film or take photos of the experience. Always be sure to listen to any rule or guidance offered by the Cast Member escorting you for both your safety! Depending on the attraction, exiting can be quite a different experience. For example, exiting a boat attraction will cause Guests to “walk the plank” to transfer from their ride vehicle to the edge.

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After you have been safely escorted off the attraction, do not fret, your time has not gone to waste! Disney will offer any Guest that has been evacuated from an attraction a multi-experience FastPass. This means that Guests can go to another attraction and use the FastPass line to skip the attraction that same day. Depending on the attraction, they may also give you a pass to ride again. For example, Rise Against the Resistance is not an attraction that qualifies for a multi-experience FastPass and will often allow Guests to return to the ride once it is operational to ride again.

Have you ever been evacuated off a Disney World attraction? Let us know in the comments below. 

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