Disney Fans Share Unreal Disney Ride Evacuation Stories!

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peter pans flight

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There is nothing more nostalgic for Disney fans than riding a Disney attraction. Although this can be memorable in so many good ways, many Disney Guests also experience crazy and unimaginable experiences.

We recently shared how one Disney attraction in Walt Disney World came to a complete halt right before closing time in EPCOT and many Disney fans spoke out and shared their unfortunate mishaps in the parks.

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Disney Rides Break Down, Fans Speak Out

We all can agree that visiting a Disney park is unlike any experience, but every once in a while there may be times that Disney attractions just don’t run as smoothly as we may think.

As we know Disney Imagineers put in a lot of effort and time into creating new and thrilling rides year after year and do a lot of refurbishments to keep older rides brand new again, but machines can be unpredictable and may break down even when we are in the middle of enjoying them.

epcot spaceship earth lighting
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This weekend, we shared how Spaceship Earth had a bit of a mishap right before EPCOT park closed for the night and left Guests stranded inside our beloved silver geosphere. ITM fan Linette was also in the park that day and told us:

I was on this at 3 pm yesterday and the monitors in my car were stuck on Spanish and the ride stopped 4 times for longer than usual. I was terrified that I would have to be evacuated from the top!!

Another ITM reader, Sharon F. shares a frightening and unfortunate story of Spaceship Earth stating:

I actually got stuck for a little bit on Spaceship earth and started taking pictures and I was at the Egypt king and Queen and caught a ghost in my pictures. Afterwards I showed them and they said a maintenance man was killed up there many many years ago. Here is the pic with the ghost and orbs and if you go back 1 pic you will see the same spot a literal second or 2 before the ghost and everything in my pic.

Meanwhile, ITM follower Scott has always wanted this to happen as he shares:

Would kill to be evacuated from Spaceship earth! I was evacuated from Journey Into Imagination. and that was pretty cool. Pretty tame though, from the skunk room you just walk along the ‘stage’ back to the start.

journey into imagination with figment
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Scary Disney Ride Evacuations

We asked Disney fans to tell us their downtime experiences, and we were not prepared to hear some of these wild stories! While riding Peter Pan’s Flight, ITM fan Kathy W. shared a terrifying experience. This may entice Guests who are afraid of heights never to ride this Disney family-friendly ride again as she states:

Many years ago we were on Peter Pan when we had to be evacuated. We were at the highest point over London and the fire department had to come get us. My husband went first then my then 5yr old daughter climbed down the ladder herself and a fireman carried my 2yr old son down. I was last to go and so relieved to be on the ground!

Peter Pan's Flight
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ITM reader Terri M. was super proud of her granddaughter as Peter Pan was her first Disney ride ever and first evacuation story as well as:

Last August we were evac’ed from Peter Pan. We had just entered the bedroom and the ride stopped. We were some of the last off as the firemen had to evac the top of the ride first. We got to “see” the ride as we walked through Neverland to exit. The cast members were wonderful and kept checking on us. It was the first trip to Disney for our 5 yr old granddaughter and the first ride we went on. She took it in stride and the day was wonderful! Her favorite ride was Splash Mountain.

Inside the Magic fan, Lori C. shared she was once stuck on Tower of Terror — at night!

Tower of Terror at night!!! It was spooky. It failed to move out to the front of the ride. We were stuck with the lights out and strapped to the seats. We had to wait for the staff to let us out and take us done an elevator. It was weird seeing the beginning of the ride with the lights on. We got fast passes to ride again. I was done for the day though. Lol

ITM follower Sherry shared an unfortunate event that happened to her son during an evacuation off of Big Thunder Railroad Mountain as she wrote:

We were evacuated from Big Thunder as it was going up first hill. Walked down stairs, but as we were standing on a platform, Our son fell down near train tracks. He was okay, but took him to dentist anyway because he hit his jaw

Thunder Mountain
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Disney Fans want MORE!

Although some of these Disney evacuation experiences can be scary to some Disney Guests, there are in fact some Disney fans (including myself) who enjoy living on the edge and are curious to see what the actual ride looks like when the lights are turned on!

Here are some Disney goers who were happy to share some of their Disney evacuation stories and who hope for more experiences during their next Disney vacation.

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Cortney P. and ITM fan stated:

I’ve been evacuated off numerous rides. Most recent was Space Mountain & Flight of Passage. Both were at the end of the ride. Space was before the unloading area. I learned it was about 5’ drop down. Flight was right before the ending scene. We were removed and put back on right away. My favorite was probably walking down the mountain of Everest. Only one I haven’t been, that everyone has seem to be lately is Rise of the Resistance.

Inside the Magic reader, Alyssa couldn’t wait to share her next Disney evacuation dream as she writes:

I’ve been evacuated from test track Pirates of the Caribbean in the last year. We were on test track back in October and just got over the first hill about to start the real action when the ride stopped. we sat there for 15 minutes then the lights came on and they walked us through the ride. We got stuck on pirates on Halloween of last year. When we were stopped the audio stopped so our boat started playing yoho on our phones and singing it until the lights came on and they pushed our boats back walking us through the back exit. it was really cool getting to see the ride with the lights on and the back parking lot. My dream is to get stuck on rock n rollar coaster.

rock n roller coaster
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ITM follower, Reva writes:

I was evacuated off of Splash Mountain. Pretty awesome. And also stuck for over 30 mins during the Ursula scene of Little Mermaid ride.

Karen, who is a former Cast Member and ITM reader, shared:

Yes I experienced this on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland over the years It was cool to see the inside of Space Mountain it is so much smaller than it feels in the dark. The rides are all on computers when the computer notices a failure I automatically stops the ride. Most of the time after inspection and reboot the ride is back up and working. I used to be a cast member at Disneyland. It’s still the most magical place on earth and always will be my happy place!

ITM fan Casia shared:

About 5 years ago, we got stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean for at least 30 minutes. They had to have a cast member get in the water and push our boat back to a safe place where we could disembark. It was actually kind of cool to see the back of the ride and the back part of the lot (which we had to walk through). What you say about the cast members is 100% correct. They were lined along our path, smiling and waving the whole time. We even pin traded with one! At the end of the walk, they gave us complimentary Mickey ice cream bars, bottled water, and fastpasses. Not a bad experience at all!!

Pirates of the Caribbean
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With COVID-19 protocols set into place, Disney is now evacuating Guests as quickly and safely as possible all while keeping social distancing is enforced. We appreciate the enormous feedback and stories our readers shared with us.

I think we can all agree that on some level Disney continues to provide us with amazing experiences in the parks regardless of some of the downfalls that happen including machine and computer malfunctions. I know personally not all my trips have been a huge success, but I do know one thing, Disney will always make up for one bad experience and turn the rest of the day into a magical one!

Did you have a bad experience in a Disney Park that was turned around for you in a big way? Let us know in the comments below!

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