Disney World Ride Remains Unexpectedly Closed For Nearly 10 Days

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living with the land

Credit: ITM Kelly C.

The fan-favorite EPCOT ride, Living with the Land, is continuing to experience prolonged downtime as it has now been unexpectedly closed for nearly 10 days. The ride was never listed on the Walt Disney World refurbishment calendar, and so at this time, we do not have a reason as to why the attraction isn’t available.

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living with the land
Credit: Inside the Magic

For the ninth day in a row, Living with the Land is still listed as temporarily unavailable on the My Disney Experience app, which you can see reflected in the screenshot below.

Yesterday, we reported that Living with the Land apparently opened with the theme park (according to My Disney Experience and WDW Stats on Twitter), but only for 20 minutes before it was once again listed as temporarily unavailable. We are unsure if the attraction was operating for those 20 minutes or if that was a glitch in the system.

living with the land
Credit: Screenshot via My Disney Experience

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We also recently reported that the attraction’s FastPass signage has disappeared during the unexpected closure, which you can read more about here.

Again, at this time we are unsure of what is causing this prolonged closure (and re-closure), but Inside the Magic will continue to update you as we get information.

More on Living with the Land

living with the land
Credit: ITM

In case you have never been on Living with the Land at EPCOT, the official Disney World website describes this ride as:

See firsthand how Walt Disney World horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding high-yield crops to help feed a growing planet.

Discover a cornucopia of fruits and veggies from around the world—some modified to jaw-dropping effect. Feast your eyes on edible food crops from around the world. Glimpse hybrid striped bass, tilapia, catfish and freshwater shrimp in our fish farm.

On this eye-opening tour, you’ll be inspired by a hopeful vision of farming’s future.

living with the land
Credit: ITM Kelly C.

Are you surprised to see Living with the Land still closed? What do you think is happening with the EPCOT attraction? Let us know in the comments below.

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