You Can Be a Host For Disney World’s Monorail System! 

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One of the most popular modes of transportation when it comes to Disney World is the Monorail!

The Monorail, as many of you may already know, connects Magic Kingdom to the following locations:

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Guests who who drive to and from the theme parks must always park at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) upon arrival and Monorail directly to Magic Kingdom, and Resort Guests who are on the Monorail line have their own separate Monorail line to get them to and from the theme park. Other Resort Guests can use Disney’s bus transportation.

Because the Disney Monorail is something that has been around for decades every since it was first established at Disneyland, and it is such a unique mode of transportation, many Guests see it as something that is iconically Disney! Now, with capacity increasing at Disney World and more Guests filling Magic Kingdom, it seems that Disney needs a little more help with their Monorails.

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Disney is looking to hire part-time Cast Members to host the Monorail, and that could be you! If you have ever wanted to work for the Mouse, this opportunity can be the perfect way to get your foot in the door while still having time for other work as it is part-time. The position also starts at $15.45 an hour, which is above the state’s minimum wage!

polynesian monorail
Credit: Disney

Below is a description of the job opportunity.

Job Summary:
Monorails Cast Members are focused on creating magic for our Guests during their Walt Disney World® Resort stay by ensuring the highest standards of safety while piloting, loading/unloading, spieling and directing Guests throughout Walt Disney World® Resort.

Monorails Host and Hostesses receive a starting rate of $15.45/hour.

Greet & examine boarding identification
Load & unload Guests
Pilot monorail vehicles
Drive company vehicles
Strong memorization skills
Memorize prepared guest information and deliver via microphone
Project voice to deliver safety directions when needed
Continuous walking & standing to direct Guests for extended periods of time
Work mainly in an outdoor settings during various weather conditions
Operate a Smart Phone/Radio to communicate
Take ownership during emergencies situations
Perform multiple tasks simultaneously
Additional Personal Protective Equipment (face shields, goggles, refillable hand sanitizers, safety harnesses, hard hats, safety vests etc.) may be required

EPCOT Monorail

Basic Qualifications:
Must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for this role.
Must have a valid Driver’s License
For safety reasons, must be able to distinguish between red and green colors
Willing to work at various heights
Physical role requiring heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, bending twisting, and kneeling
Part-Time requires 3 full days of availability for any shift, including nights and holidays
Part-Time will require two weeks full availability for training purposes
Strong communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:
Bilingual preferred
Computer experience operating a mechanical system.
Experience following set procedures and memorizing information

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