One Futuristic Tomorrowland Detail You May Have Missed!

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Tomorrowland Trees

Credit: Inside the Magic

Tomorrowland is a true testament to Walt Disney’s passion for space travel and sustaining the future of the world. Located in Walt Disney World at Magic Kingdom, Guests take an intergalactic tour through the thrilling Space Mountain attraction, learn about the onward movement of the 20th century with Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress and sit back and relax while enjoying an aerial view of Tomorrowland on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. 

Credit: Inside the Magic

While Guests take in this futuristic land, many Disney fans walk by one impressive detail that makes this Disney Park so special, the Tomorrowland palm trees!

The Backstory of the Tomorrowland Trees

Have you ever noticed Florida’s palm trees in Tomorrowland look a bit different? These metal trees were put here for a specific reason, and Disney’s attention to detail is quite impressive in Tomorrowland.

Located right in front of Space Mountain and Tomorrowland Light and Power Company, these future-forward palm trees actually have a backstory, which brings us back to Tomorrowland’s gift shop.

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Tomorrowland Map in Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney/Screenshot ITM

Paying homage to the topic of energy in Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Light and Power Company invented these metal Palm Trees called Power Palms to store energy from the sun. Notice the coconuts? These globes that hang from the trees are meant to store and power the entire area of Tomorrowland!

Tomorrowland Trees
Credit: Inside the Magic

Once the globes are completely charged with energy, the Light and Power Company removes and harvests the coconuts and the palm leaves are folded up. Guests will notice one of the trees is actually folded up, and the globes have been removed to keep with the storyline.

Tomorrowland Trees
Credit: Inside the Magic

As World of Walt points out, These globes don’t actually store energy but are a fantastic backstory that Disney created and keeps with the theme of Tomorrowland. Check out the image below, can you spot the tree that has been harvested, while other trees in the background still have their coconuts?

Tomorrowland Trees
Credit: Inside the Magic

More on Tomorrowland

Guests who visit Magic Kingdom can find Tomorrowland just next to the hub and right side of Cinderella Castle. For those who are unaware, Here is a list of attractions that are currently in Tomorrowland.

One of the most anticipated attractions coming to Tomorrowland is TRON Lightcycle / Run. Construction is coming along and looking more and more like Shanghai Disneyland’s version. You can see the latest images of Tron here.

Tron at Shanghai Disneyland
Credit: Disney

One of the reasons I adore Disney so much is the attention to detail and innovative ideas that Disney Imagineers create throughout each land.

Although these trees may be overlooked by many theme park goers, and as many Guests prefer to enjoy attractions and themed Disney dining, I can’t help but stop and enjoy the little things that make Disney Parks so magical!

What’s your favorite part of Tomorrowland? Should Disney take this backstory and invent the real thing? Let us know in the comments below! 

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