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Going on a trip to Walt Disney World Resort is every child’s dream, but it’s also a magical moment for parents. There’s nothing quite like seeing the twinkle in your kids’ eyes as they get their first glimpse of Cinderella Castle or when they get to hug Mickey Mouse for the first time.

However, taking kiddos anywhere has its challenges. Lucky for us moms and dads, the Disney Parks make things easier for vacationing families by providing Baby Care Centers in each major theme park. There are many ways to utilize these specially designated areas, so let’s take a look at some of the best ways to maintain the magic of your Disney vacation.

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Locations of baby care centers at Disney parks

These spotless and sanitized areas at the Disney Parks are spacious, air-conditioned spaces for families to take care of their kiddos. After riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant with their parents, babies can cool off, chow down and get down to changing business. Yes, there are changing tables in just about every (if not all) bathroom at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, but these specialized Baby Care Centers at Disney are designed for the care of kids.

Magic Kingdom’s Baby Care Center is usually located between Casey’s Corner and the Crystal Palace, but while the area is refurbished and redesigned, a sturdy, temporary baby supply area has been set up in Tomorrowland near Buzz Lightyear’s meet and greet. The Main Street U.S.A. Disney Baby Center is expected to open in the fall of 2021.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a Baby Care Center, but it’s on the left on Discovery Island, if your family is headed to Africa. This is the “newest” and largest center until Magic Kingdom finishes its Main Street location refurbishment.

Baby Care Center Animal Kingdom
Baby Care Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Credit: Disney Parks

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a special spot for stars-to-be near the front of the park. You’ll have to look carefully for the sign, but the features are still in high demand. The only things you won’t find in this location are the purchasable items (bibs, pacifiers, sunscreen). Step around the corner to the nearest store for those items.

Baby Care Center Disney's Hollywood Studios
Baby Care Center at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Credit: Disney Parks

EPCOT’s Baby Care Center can be found in Future World, to the right of the World Showcase Entrance. There are dual bathrooms for other members of your family, and a toddler-sized toilet for those little ones that are training.

Baby Care Center EPCOT
Baby Care Center at  at EPCOT Credit: Disney Parks

The California theme parks are not to be left out. There are Baby Care Centers in each of the two theme parks. At Disney’s California Adventure, follow Buena Vista Street to Cars Land, and look near Fillmore’s Taste-In.

Baby Care Center California Adventure
Baby Care Center at  at California Adventure Credit: Disney Parks

The original Disneyland Park has a Baby Care Center and Lost Child area on Main Street, U.S.A. right behind the Main Street Photo Supply.

Baby Care Center Disneyland Park
Baby Care Center at Disneyland Park Credit: Disney Parks

Services included at Disney Baby Care Centers

So what’s exactly inside a Baby Care Center? Well, the name is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, you can care for your little one here with exclusive diaper changing tables with sanitary liners, take a private nursing break in single curtain areas, or warm a bottle. But you can also purchase OTC items, pick up a new bottle of sunscreen, or buy small sundries that you would think would be for sale at First Aid.

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Blowouts happen. If you need a little more space than the changing table in Disney Parks’ restrooms, head to the Baby Care Center. I’ve carried my little one across the park for those enormous paper sheets that cover the sturdy tables in the Baby Care Center. Take your time cleaning up the mess in sanitary style before getting back to the fun with your family. A few of the Baby Care Centers at Disney offer toddler-sized potties for those in training.

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Many guests think the Baby Centers are just for babies or toddlers, but my young grade-schooler takes refuge from long park days in the center, as well. Each Baby Care Center offers a TV room with couches, chairs, and a TV playing Disney programs that can entertain kids while you tend to younger siblings, or simply recharge with your entire family.

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Each of the care centers offers nursing areas with more privacy than the main street. While Hollywood Studios has two single curtained areas with rockers and pillows, some other centers offers private nursing room areas where you may find another mother and child.

If you’re a nursing mother or the parent of a finicky eater, the Baby Care Centers offer a nursing room where you can score some privacy (though it’s legal for you to breastfeed anywhere). My baby and I found some great private time to cool down and focus in comfort several times a day while at “the most magical place on Earth.” Here, kids can center themselves in a quiet, calm environment. The Baby Care Centers are just the thing to make your vacation a little easier!

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DHS nursing nook Credit: Redheadbabymama.com

Often, baby food or formula needs warming before the young child partakes. Each of the main theme parks boasts a microwave in their Baby Care Centers for warming food items, as well as a bottle warmer with instructions. Feeding is made even easier with rocking chairs, high chairs, couches, and more. When you’re finished, feel free to rinse out your items in the available sinks and towel them dry.

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Cost of using Baby Care Centers at Disney Parks

Using the center in general for diaper care, restrooms, nursing and feeding is completely free. Even if your toddler needs a cool down in the air conditioning to watch a few cartoons, there is no charge.

You’ll only come out of pocket if you need to purchase the wealth of supplies, like extra onesies, diaper kits (they typically carry sizes 1-3), pacifiers, bottles, over-the-counter options, and more. If your baby pitched their pacifier out during the amazing sights of Mickey’s PhilharMagic, you can easily pick up another one here.

You’ll also be able to protect your brood from the perils of the day with sunscreens, hand wipes, bottled drinks, and even formula for your tiny guest.

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How the Care Centers are staffed at Disney parks

The Baby Care Centers are generally open from 9 am to park close, though hours may vary. For the most part, if the tiny ones are at the parks, the area is staffed and open. You’ll find a costumed Cast Member at the ready to help you locate both the areas and the items you need.

According to Disney policy, “a child who becomes separated from his or her parents while in the park will be escorted by a Cast Member to the Baby Care Center.” Once there, the child will be looked after until the parent comes to claim the child… after all, parents are the ones that get lost, right?

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Keep in mind that mealtimes can cause the centers to be congested as little ones are having meals warmed and given to them. There are no reservations required for these areas, so first come, first served!

While the water parks, Resort hotels, and Disney Springs do not include Baby Care Centers, baby changing stations can be found in most restrooms. If you’re looking for the savviest place to take a baby on vacation, you’ll be happy to hear that each Disney Resort Hotel offers pools, general stores with supplies for kids, “yellow” foods in every restaurant, and an optional pack n play in your hotel room by request (make reservations early).

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Have you ever used the Baby Care Centers in Disney Parks? Leave us a comment below!

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