Guests Make Universal Bartender Roar When They Order This Drink

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Universal Orlando Resort has world-class thrills and spectacular theming, all the way down to their food and drink locations!

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In the past, we have talked about the Ocean Attack drink at Chez Alcatraz in Universal Studios Florida. The bar sits next to the infamous — and recently returned — Bruce from the classic Jaws film, and has a drink that mimics the movie poster. The bartenders even get super involved in the experience, putting a Jaws puppet on their hand while dropping grenadine into the blue drink, recreating a shark attack. 

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ocean attack
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But Chez Alcatraz is not the only themed bar at Universal Orlando Resort! In Islands of Adventure, Guests can venture into the Jurassic Park section of the park and visit The Watering Hole to get some dinosaur-themed drinks, and they are all special in their own right.

jurassic park
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The Universal Orlando website describes the location as:

A Dino Drinkery
You never know who you’ll run into at The Watering Hole, where ice cold refreshments are in high demand. From beer, wine, and frozen cocktails to fountain sodas and lemonade, this stand is here to hydrate. If all of that thirst worked up an appetite, munch on pork sliders, nachos, pretzels or a churro. Then kick back under an umbrella and enjoy a moment at this jungle hut oasis.

Jurassic Park
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The drinks are all served in a special dinosaur cup, and although the location offers more than just specialty drinks, these are the fun dinosaur-themed menu options.

Ti Peach – $13.99

Captain Morgan spiced rum, Don Q coconut rum, bitters, cinnamon, lime juice, grenadine, peach syrup

Predator Rocks – $13.99
Coconut Rum, melon liquor, Blue Curacao, sour mix, pineapple juice

Dinoroar – $13.99
Cherry Vodka, Triple Sec, sour mix, Sprite and cranberry juice

Prehistoric Punch – $13.99
Coconut Rum, Peach Schnapps, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and Sprite

Bird of Paradise – $13.99
Malibu Passion Fruit Rum, Flor De Cana Rum, bitters, passion fruit and lime juice

Leapin’ Lizard – $13.99
Gold Tequila, apple pucker, melon liquor, sour mix and Sprite

Mia Tai – $13.99
Gosling’s Rum, Myers Dark Rum, grenadine, orange, pineapple and lime juice

Frozen Specialty Drinks – $13.99
Rum Runner, Pina Colada, Wild Berry, Margarita, Guava, Mango Passion and Strawberry

watering hole
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However, some drinks are more fun to have made than others! If Guests order the Dinoroar, something pretty awesome happens. From our experience and the amazing work of our bartender and Team Member Charlotte, while the drinks are being made you will be warned that when drinking the beverage, you may roar uncontrollably and when it happens, you should allow that to just run its course!

Below you can see the reusable cup along with the drink that will cause loud roaring! Please note, this drink does not typically come with a flower!

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It was so fun to see our bartender get so involved in the story, and helped make the theme park alcohol prices feel all that much more worth it.

Discovery Center
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Another good thing about ordering a drink here is that your cup will save you $3.00 every time you visit the location! We were told that Guests just need to either bring the cup back, or Annual Passholders can take a photo with the drink so that they don’t need to always lug the cup around, and they will always save $3.00 on future purchases, which is a great deal!

Below is my selfie, which just goes to show it really does not matter how silly you look!

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So, if you want to drink at a theme park and enjoy the experience of having your drink made, Universal is definitely the place to go!

Have you ever ordered a drink at Universal? Would you be more likely to order a drink that is made in a fun way?

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