Disney Guest Says He Shouldn’t Be Trespassed After Paying $15,000

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After refusing a temperature check, a man pleaded not guilty to trespassing charges stemming from a February 13 arrest in Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Kelly Sills of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was attempting to eat dinner with his family at the popular Boathouse restaurant in Disney Springs. Police approached him outside the restaurant and asked him to return to the temperature screening tent to check his temperature, as is Disney’s policy. Sills refused and then also refused to leave the property.

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That is when the police had no choice but to arrest him.

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While being escorted away, Sills asked the police if he could go and have his temperature checked. When they informed him that he would have it checked in jail, he brought up the apparent cost of his trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth.

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As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, Sills pleaded with the police:

“I paid $15,000. You can’t trespass me for paying $15,000,” said Sills, a guest at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, after he was led away. He soon began cooperating with the sheriff’s deputies. “If I take $15,000 from you, I can’t kick you out… Bring me to jail for $15,000 grand, I’m fine… In front of my kids, too, at Disney World.”

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It is not the first time a Guest has been arrested at Walt Disney World for refusing to cooperate with Disney’s COVID-19 safety procedures. A man was arrested earlier this year for spitting on a Disney security guard when he asked the Guest to put on his mask.

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Disney World currently requires all Guests to check their temperature before entering all the Disney Parks and Disney Springs. Masks are also required in all of Disney’s theme parks and Resorts.

How do you feel about Disney World’s safety requirements? Let us know.

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