Universal Demand Expected to Continue Once VelociCoaster Opens

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Universal Orlando Resort has been experiencing quite a busy spring season, but it seems that the week leading up to Easter weekend has been the busiest thus far.

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It seems that even without the most anticipated attraction that Universal is getting to debut this summer, Jurassic World VelociCoaster, the theme park is bustling with Guests.

Seeing the excitement Guests are currently experiencing to get back into the parks before the biggest attraction of the year debuts, only shows that demand is only going to increase for Universal Guests as more people begin to travel to Orlando.

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This week, we saw Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure hit capacity every day! Each day, it seems that at a relatively early time (typically, before noon) Universal Orlando Resort would have both parks hit their limited capacity.

As we can see, today, Universal Orlando Resort hit capacity moments after 11:00 a.m.

Today, April 2nd at 11:04 am, Universal Studios Florida & Islands of Adventure have reached capacity. We anticipate reopening later this afternoon. For updates, please call our capacity hotline: 407-817-8317

Considering today is a holiday for many, being Good Friday, it is understandable as to why the park filled up so quickly. Many Guests also typically use weeks with a holiday to book their vacation, so that can save them vacation days at work. Slap spring break on top of all of that, and you have a busy weekend at the Universal theme parks!

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Previously, we wrote that we could see an increase in park capacity this summer at Disney World as the vaccination spread continues to move in an upward trajectory. If this occurs, Universal would likely do the same, and seeing how much Guests want to be in the parks now, I predict that once VelociCoaster opens, and school is out — Universal will have its biggest demand since the reopening.

This has been the trajectory we have seen during every peak season, and with a new coaster on the horizon, and more vaccination possibilities, more Guests will only be drawn to the park.

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If you are heading to Universal Orlando Resort, as the Tweet noted, please check the capacity hotline to ensure you are not going to be disappointed upon arrival. Also, please note that the parks often are not at capacity all day, so even if you see it hit capacity in the morning, keep checking to see if the status changes! 

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