Disney’s Best April Fools Jokes

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Credit: Oh My Disney

We love Mickey-shaped foods. And while Disney Guests have their traditional theme park picks of Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, Mickey waffles, and Mickey pretzels, Disney has thrown us a silly curveball while appealing to our tasty senses.

Mickey shaped Hot Dog Disney april fools
Credit: Oh My Disney

 April Fool’s day gets us again!

These are real photos! Oh My Disney shared these drool-worthy pics in 2014, and we just had to dig them up in honor of the crazy things Disney has shared over the years for the spring holiday.

Below you can find some of our favorite Disney April Fools’ jokes shared by Disney themselves!

Mickey-Shaped Foods We Really Want

This was our favorite Disney April Fool’s joke. The Disney culinary team went to a lot of trouble not only to create these delectable Mickey Mouse masterpieces but also to photograph them elegantly… we bought the gag, hook, line, and sinker!

It’s not often that new Mickey-shaped foods debut on Disney menus, but we sure wish a few of these were the real thing. Wouldn’t you love to dig your teeth into that toasted veggie burger (see photo below)?

Mickey Mouse Veggie Burger
Credit: Oh My Disney

Did Someone Say Kale Churros?

This was a personal favorite Disney April Fools‘ joke. Churros have always been a top Disney Parks snack and in 2018, Walt Disney World decided to have a little fun with them. In a fully produced, 80s soundtrack-laced short, Disney showcased a faux snack… the Kale churro.

While we love both salads and treats, we were equally intrigued and put off at the same time by this “new” food. But a few years later, we’re so starved for a Disney fix, we’re pretty sure we’d try them. The simple caption for this video stated:

We invented a new kind of churro. For when you want salad and dessert at the same time. #WaltDisneyWorld 

Kale Churros | Walt Disney World

We invented a new kind of churro. For when you want salad and dessert at the same time. #WaltDisneyWorld

Posted by Walt Disney World on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mickey’s Best Blooper Reel

The Mickey Mouse YouTube channel posted a 42-second video with several iconic looks of Mickey’s 90 years of style in 2019. A fun look into mickey’s sartorial accomplishments, photoshoots gone wrong were strung together in a playful blooper reel for April Fools’ Day. The caption reads:

Check out this never-before-seen blooper reel from Mickey’s 90 Years of Style shoot in honor of April Fools’ Day, and click to watch the full original video of Mickey celebrating his most iconic looks.

Disney April Fools “Snears” – The Snack Ears

2019 also brought a Disney April Fools’ joke from Disney World’s official Twitter feed for Snears!

A Disney Park prank created for food lovers, Snears were marketed as “the latest innovation in #WaltDisneyWorld snacking.” The video shared on social media was hilarious, drawing on favorite park snacks stored in a clear Mickey Mouse ears headband.

Disney April Fools’ Spot the Difference

No need to visit a Disney theme park for this April Fools’ joke! Those Spot the Difference pictorial challenges are always a lot of fun, and with a Disney twist, the fun never ends. That becomes more of the literal challenge when Disney posted a Spot the Difference that had actually had no differences!

A Lilo and Stitch-themed Spot the Difference was posted in 2019 (man, 2019 was a Goofy year (pun-intended!) as a Tweet. It was a sly addition to the Disney April Fools’ repertoire.

Which of these Disney April Fools’ jokes was your favorite? We’re still reeling for all of those Mickey-shaped foods that will never be! Leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to share a laugh today!

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