April Fools: Tim Burton isn’t remaking “Mary Poppins,” upcoming Disneyland area art gallery is behind the poster gone viral

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Perhaps you’ve heard that director Tim Burton is making a dark version of Disney’s classic “Marry Poppins.” Perhaps you saw a teaser poster for the remake. Perhaps you even believed it. Well…

…it’s not happening.

POPzilla Gallery in southern California is responsible for the viral madness that began with this Facebook post one week ago, jumping into the April Fools Day pranks a bit early. From there, the Internet ran wild with speculation, even stating that it had been officially announced Burton’s Facebook page. Not true.

We jumped in on the fun yesterday to give the poster one last push and our Facebook post sent it over the edge, shared more than 5,000 times and seen by more than 700,000 people. Sorry, everyone!

But POPzilla Gallery has an exciting motive behind all that madness, other than simply fooling everyone:

“We regret to inform you that the Tim Burton Poppins Movie Poster was fake. (Also, duh) At this point, you are either crushed that there is no Tim Burton Mary Poppins movie, or you have a restored faith in humanity. However, now that we got your attention, POPzilla will want to use this shameless publicity stunt as a way to announce our next group pop art gallery, THE BURTON SHOW. We agree, it’s a very clever title. Look for the show to open November of this year at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim California. This unofficial, non-affiliated, tribute show will feature pop art inspired by all the films of Tim Burton. Yes, even Planet of the Apes.”

And for those who want to see cool art but don’t want to wait until November for The Burton Show, the POPzilla Gallery folks has another huge show coming up on May 10 at Rothick Art Haus called POPcade, Orange County’s largest celebration of video game inspired pop art ever.

For more information visit the POPzilla Gallery Facebook Page or SamCarterArt.com.


  1. K.

    If you gonna publish such precise time information like “last week” or “this november” you might want to make sure that the date of the article is also published, which is not.

  2. Paul

    How come there’s now a teaser trailer for it then with Cate Blanchett in full makeup?

  3. Max

    When was this published? if it was within the last week why is a ‘aprils fools’ im confused

    1. Haly

      This article that states “Poppins” is being released was done in the Spring of 2014, hence the April Fool’s joke. However, the video trailer including Cate Blanchett IS rumored to be released in 2016 as an actual film being done by Burton called “Mary Poppins” and it will not be as dark and twisted as his other films is what I’ve heard in the rumor mill.

  4. Christy

    Bummer it looked like it would have been sooo awesome!!!! Sad face

  5. Jtube115

    How the hell are we supposed to believe THIS then?

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