Internet lashes out at Dad’s Disneyland April Fools’ prank on son

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April Fools' Prank: Dad makes son think he's going to Disneyland

Credit: Twitter @joeheenan

In one of the cruelest April Fools’ pranks of all time, a father made his son believe he was taking him to Disneyland on vacation, only to take him to Poundland, a British variety store chain, instead.

Disneyland has to be one of the most exciting places in all of the world for kids to experience. It’s truly one of the few places where dreams really come true. And one stand-up comedian, Joe Heenan, couldn’t help but take advantage of this by using this magical land as the ultimate tool for one of the meanest pranks, which could’ve sent some Disney fans over the edge.

April Fools' Prank: Dad makes son think he's going to Disneyland, takes him to Poundland
Credit: Disneyland Paris

To kick off this prank, Joe, who lives in Glasgow, told his son that he was taking him somewhere ending with “land” in the name, and naturally, the boy could only think of one place.

In the tweet below by Joe, the boy’s face says it all, with his extreme disappointment of being brought to Poundland. In the tweet, Joe says: “I told him we were going on holiday to a place ending with land. He was like “Oh my god! Is it Disneyland?” He was so excited. Hahahahaha!

The tweet currently sits at a little under 2,400 likes. However, some people on Twitter don’t find the joke to be comical at all. One Twitter user called Joe a “monster,” while another wrote: “I hope he puts you in a home on the 1st (of) April 2039.”

The hate doesn’t stop there; the post received many more replies, mostly negative. One asked for the boy to make sure his father took him to Disneyland after all, while tagging Disneyland Paris, Disney, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Today in the tweet, asking for his father to “wait in the parking lot!” during the trip.

Upon looking back in Heenan’s tweets, it appears this isn’t the first time he pulled an April Fools’ prank on his kids. In 2016, Heenan tweeted an image of his children holding an empty box for an iPad with a paper inside reading “APRIL FOOL! HA HA.” It appears Heenan gets a kick out of these types of pranks.

Whether or not Heenan will actually take his kids to Disneyland is unknown. However, we’re not too thrilled to think about what the comedian has in store for next year’s April Fools’ surprise.

What are your thoughts on this prank? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Carol Holmes

    What a mean Dad! His time will come, I hope is kids put him in the worst nursing home ever & never visit him!

  2. Arnold

    How do you know the real April Fool’s joke isn’t on us? These could just be staged photos to upset the internet; which, let’s face it, in today’s world, it does take a lot to upset people online. Twitterers don’t simply get angry at any old thing.

  3. Brandi

    That’s not ok dude…

  4. Lynn Rogers

    I think this is a cruel and heartless prank, and you have to ask what sort of parent enjoys seeing their child crushed with disappointment?

  5. Enzo Gutierrez

    This is plain mean…but I was laughing cuz the whole time I was reading Disneyland ads were showing up. Insult to Injury?

  6. Dee

    Look at their faces. It says it all. What a horrible person…some people should just not be parents.
    Who takes joy out of their own child’s misery? Disgusting.

  7. Nita Gordon

    Someone should tell this father that he won a contest giving him a free house, groceries for a year and all utilities paid for a year and then at the presentation rip it out from under him. LOL

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