Tony Stark Invests In EPCOT With New “Friday’s Sundae Shop”

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Friday's Sundae Shop

Official Concept Art For Friday's Sundae Shop.

Today Disney Parks revealed a new state of the art Iron Man themed robotic ice cream quick service location set to open this fall in EPCOT. The new eatery called “Friday’s Sundae Shop” and will feature Tony Stark‘s latest suit AI “F.R.I.D.A.Y.” running the day to day operations as guests can select various flavors of ice cream and soft serve, each dished out by high tech robotics.
Friday's Sundae Shop
Official Concept Art For Friday’s Sundae Shop.
Modeled after Tony Stark’s workshop from the Iron Man movies, the interactive theming and animatronics will make you feel like one of the Avengers as you dish out your favorite froyo before suiting up. Drawing inspiration from the popular robotic ice cream vendors found in places like Japan and Singapore, every order will be scooped or poured 100% by smart robotic arms.

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Friday's Sundae Shop
Existing Robotic Ice Cream Technology Demo
The main ice cream bar will feature two robotic attendants, with the back wall of Tony’s shop lined with various versions of Iron Man each dishing out frozen yogurt. The ice cream shop will be packed with various MCU artifacts, souvenirs and trinkets collected by Iron Man himself.
Infinity Cones
Below is a sample from the press release outlining all the new flavors:
Special Avenger themed Ice Cream Dishes & Flavors will be available including:
Infinity Cones – The traditional ice cream cone with a cosmic twist. Guests can indulge in this deep black berry flavored galactic ice cream served in a gold Infinity Cone. Will this delicious frozen yogurt treat survive your hungry snap? 
Stark Raving Hazelnuts – A delicious cognac and vanilla ice cream with hazelnuts mixed in. This is Friday’s own invention and there are unsubstantiated rumors that Tony has indeed tried it and liked it.
Hulk-A-Hulk-A-Burning-Fudge – Ready to Smash something? If you’re a fan of fudge then this ice cream is right up your alley! Featuring an amazing amount of fudge and topped with little green sprinkles, this option will make anyone’s mouth start watering in delight.
Banner Brownie Smash – You wouldn’t want to make this ice cream angry! Brownie bits will be mixed in with a delicious chocolate ice cream in this treat.
Thorbet – The only sorbet option, this will be an amazing Apple flavor. But please don’t throw it on the ground and scream for ANOTHER!
Ice Fury – Oreo’s and chocolate chips mixed in with a chocolate ice cream
I Understood That Scoop – A preset cup of flavor that includes a scoop of red velvet, vanilla, and blueberry ice cream with star sprinkles. This tasty combination is perfect for two!
If you want to learn more about this visit new upcoming attraction, click here!

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