Comments for Paris Hilton Wears Prosthetics to Stay Incognito at Disney World

paris hilton

Credit: Disney (left) Paris Hilton via Instagram (right)


  1. Wander McMooch

    Do the prosthetics make her eyelids match?

    1. McKay

      Does the concept of basic human decency make you stop vomiting your toxicity out onto other humans? Oh, guess not.

      1. Your sperm donor

        Prosthetics can’t hide those big old clown feet haha

      2. TayWoodz

        How the hell is what they posted even remotely close to toxic? That’s YOU being the toxic one bud.

  2. Ruthie

    WDW requires every guest to WEAR a MASK…she will be able to hide her face.

  3. Erik S

    Many, many years ago I was standing in line at the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride at Disneyland. Kim Fields (AKA “Tootie” from The Facts of Life) was in line just in front of me. No disguise, just out having fun with some of her friends.

    I asked her if she was Kim Fields and she said that she was.

    I left it at that. I didn’t want to disturb or ruin her fun. But it was interesting to see someone that I had been watching on TV for many years just being out and enjoying herself.

    1. Steve

      I like that story. Thanks.

    2. Bobcat 88

      I would have asked her out. I had a crush on her growing up. I met Kirsten Dunst once at a voter rally thing, and I asked her out. She said she was flattered but was leaving for St. Petersburg. This back in my prime, nice looking young man, wearing a suit and tie before work.

      1. K

        Jeeeez…. just leave women alone unless they’re looking for your attention. Just because you SEE them doesn’t make it ok. They’re trying to live their lives & Don’t have strangers walk up to them and ask them on a date. Nobody’s ever going to say yes anyway.

  4. L. Shewbridge

    Who cares???

    1. Mitch

      Apparently, you do. You took your time to click, read (if you actually can read), and comment.

      I don’t care for paris hilton, but I still think it’s fun to read how celebrities go to the lengths of hiding and how many of them I’ve passed by without a second thought. They wouldn’t need to hide if people like you actually truly didn’t care.

      1. J

        Don’t get nasty Mitch

        1. Alice J.

          Why are some people being so petty on here? It’s like watching high school kids bickering over what really is nonsense. Sheesh ?

        2. Jessie

          What does she wear, a plastic nose that’s actually cute? Lol. She hasn’t been famous in a decade, could just wear a mask and baseball cap and get over herself.

      2. Ron

        We really don’t care

    2. Tara

      You’re rude

    3. Xavier Omar Williams

      You care

  5. Al Espinosa

    Paris who?

    1. Mary

      Paris, France!

  6. Deb

    We met Joann Worley at California Adventure. She was there with her grandkids. My partner said, excuse me are you Jo Anne Worley? She said yes I am. We said nice to meet you, and she offered a pic. My son whisperer to me, who is that? She heard and said she was Wardrobe on Beauty and the Beast. Or Nana Banana on Jessie, and that’s where my son recognized.

  7. Mary Roth

    Why. So stupid. Your not that important

    1. Ali

      “Why” is a question, so you have to put a question mark at the end, not a period. And if you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” then who’s REALLY the stupid one? Lol!!

      1. Penny

        Which prosthetic does she wear? Is it for disguise?! Or to appear handicapped and go to the front of lines haha. I wonder how many people would recognize her or even know who she is.

  8. Barry roth


  9. Marcus

    I go to Disney in disguise all the time. Everything I go there, I dress up like an average working class dad who has to work for a couple years to save up the money to bring his family there on vacation. Works every time. Who really gives 2 chits what pampered princess Paris or the rest of her kind have to do?

    1. Randi

      “Her kind”? And exactly what is “her kind”? Shes human, like everyone else.

      1. Happy

        I love chicken tacos!

        1. Taco lover

          Omg, love them! Do you put mild or hot salsa on yours?

  10. Steve Bennett

    During a Princess Di visit with young Princes William and Harry, a large group of paparazzi were gathered outside the exit for the Indiana Jones Stunt show. I started shouting “Hey, over here – gimme an angle!” while pointing a camera and they all went into instant pantomime duck-and-cover mode before we all broke up laughing.

    Even the bad guys have fun at Disney.

  11. David

    Saw Idina Menzel (I think that’s right? I’ll have to ask John Travolta!) At Animal Kingdom one day. She was there with her son and a few others. Had a VIP castmember with her but I appeared to be the only one to recognize her. They came in. Too a Safari ride (alone). And then exited the park. I did manage to get a picture(for proof) But I did not bother her. She was there with her family and I saw no reason to intrude. She was also pretty much “dressed down”. But knew it was her because she still had gold “tattoo” images on her arms and upper chest that she had for the concert she was doing in Tampa. Not a big deal, but kind of. Because she walked past all these people and my wife and I were the only ones who realized “Elsa” was walking through AK!

  12. Traci

    My Ex husband looks like Russel Crowe. Used to get stares everywhere and people coming up to him. Very annoying, we could only wonder what celebrities go through.

  13. Julia

    I saw Adam Sandler there when I was eleven. I was way too scared to actually try and talk to him, especially since he had a cast member guiding him through the park, but he did see me and nod at me from across a hot dog stand lol. Best day of my life

  14. Julia

    I saw Adam Sandler there when I was eleven. I was way too scared to actually try and talk to him, especially since he had a cast member guiding him and his family through the park, but he did see me and nod at me from across a hot dog stand lol. Best day of my life

  15. Rp

    Do people really care?

    1. Tara

      You’re rude

  16. Terri

    No one cares she’s not popular anymore

  17. Poop

    I need poop really bad. It’s gonna be a spitter too. I can just feel it bubbling up. Be right back guys.

    1. Carol

      It’s actually messed up cause I was woken up in the middle of the night to this exact thing and am pooping right now hoping I can go back to sleep for a few minutes before I have to get ready for work

  18. Patty

    I wouldn’t know her if she was standing in front of me but even if I did I wouldn’t care. I’d go about my fun. Now if it was Viggo Mortensen that would be a whole different story. ?

  19. Big floppy one

    They made her nose and her feet normal size now no one can recognize her haha

    1. Mary Jane

      That’s too funny. ?

  20. Mary Jane

    She should just a bag over her face. She’s just as everyone else, other than a hotel. Lol!!??

  21. Tara Sommerer

    You could preserve an elephant with the amount of salt in this post. ?

  22. Who Cares

    Well someone still thinks she is relevant…

  23. Kimball Bergeron

    I wouldn’t know who Paris Hilton was if she sat down right next to me.

  24. Jonny

    Honestly, I find this pretty cool. I’m not waving a Paris Hilton flag over here but she actually seems pretty normal for a girl who grew up in an abnormal situation. I mean, who can really say that they would have behaved any differently with dump trucks full of money at their disposal in their late teens and early 20s? What I get from this story is she likes to play dress up and she loves Disneyland/World. Sounds like a pretty cool person to me. Rock on, Paris!

  25. Kevin

    Paris Hilton would be a nobody if it wasn’t for the fact that her great grandfather was Conrad Hilton.

    1. Ben Hogan

      And you would be a somebody if Conrad Hilton was your grandpa. Meaningless comment.

      1. Kevin

        Wrong try again with your kindergarten comeback, Einstein

  26. Patrik

    Why are most people on this site getting all worked up about Paris Hilton. If it wasn’t for her relation to her great grandfather, she’d be just another face in the crowd.

  27. Magnum

    I don’t think anybody nose or cares who you are you idiot

    1. Kevin

      Learn how to spell, you kindergarten reject.

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