Value Resort Guests Get DELUXE Upgrade at Disney World!

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Walt Disney World Grand floridian

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Some Disney World Guests are in for a special treat — In fact, it may just be the best thing that’s ever happened to them!

Disney World Guests are sharing on social media that their Walt Disney World reservations booked at All-Star Movies Resort are being upgraded to a Deluxe Resort — Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa!

Grand Floridian
Credit: Inside The Magic

Some may ask themselves, “Is this for real?” and we can say — Yes, it is!

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According to a recent Reddit post, one Disney World Guest posted that they got a call from Disney World Reservations explaining that their All-Star Movies Resort stay has been upgraded to Disney’s Grand Floridian — All free of charge! They also let them know it would automatically update via the My Disney Experience app.

The Disney Guest was so shocked that they even asked other Reddit users if this was something Disney does, to which someone replied, “It certainly does happen!! You have been pixie dusted. Congratulations!”

Reddit Post
Credit: Screenshot Reddit/ITM

Other Reddit users even shared that this wasn’t the first time they have seen this Disney Magic happen as of late. One user commented, asking, “when is your trip? You’re the third person I’ve seen in two days saying they’ve been upgraded! And another fan expressed they, too, received some magic writing “We got upgraded from Pop to Caribbean Beach. Enjoy your upgrade. Soak it in!”

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Additionally, these Reddit users aren’t the only Guests to get “pixie-dusted.” Others are currently taking to social media to share that they received this special news, too!

It is important to note that not every Guest should expect to get upgraded from a Value Resort to a Deluxe Resort. It seems as though this is on a case-by-case basis.

Why is Disney Upgrading Select Guests? 

Some Disney Guests are receiving this good news from Disney World because it seems All-Star Movies is currently at capacity. It would make perfect sense as just yesterday, Inside the Magic reported that the All-Star Resort line for Disney’s Magical Express was nearly two hours. You can see in the photo below the Magical Express line was backed up to the Alamo Car Rental desk!

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magical express lines
Credit: ITM

Did you get a phone call from the Disney Reservation Center today? Let us know in the comments below if your Disney World Reservation just got a fantastic upgrade!

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