Disney Raises Price on Iconic Snack, Guests Weigh In

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When you think of iconic and classic Disney World food, you might think: churros, Mickey premium bars, Mickey pretzels, DOLE whips, turkey legs, and popcorn — but there is another snack that has quickly become a fan-favorite, and dare I say, a Disney World favorite. 

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If you have ever wondered why a giant line forms right outside the entryway for Adventureland, it is because, at Magic Kingdom, Guests can taste unique spring rolls that can only be purchased from that specific spring stand. The most popular option is the cheeseburger spring roll, but the pepperoni pizza spring roll is often around as well for Guests to eat. Disney World was often changing out their flavors when the spring roll kart debuted with mac and cheese spring rolls, buffalo chicken spring rolls, Philly cheesesteak spring rolls, and more — but none quite garnered Guests’ admiration like the cheeseburger spring roll.

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Credit: (@KastleNeverland) via Twitter

Originally, for $7.50, Guests could snack on two spring rolls to hold them over until their next meal at a slightly inflated cost. Now, however, it seems that the cost of the spring rolls has gone up to $9.50, and Guests are not very happy with the price jump.

Seth Birdoff (@kyzman) took to Twitter to comment on the price change noting:

9.50 for a 2 spring rolls seems steep even by Disney standards LOL

After we saw the price increase, we took to our Instagram to poll all of you! We wanted to know if Disney took things a little too far by increasing the price by another $2.00 for these spring rolls.

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From our poll, it seems that the majority of Guests do not think that $9.50 is worth it for these two spring rolls. That being said, the vote was still heavily divided with 56% not liking the new price, but 44% of Guests still willing to purchase the spring rolls.

Considering the popularity of the snack, I personally am not surprised that Guests will pay higher to eat what they love. These spring rolls have a certain exclusivity to them being only at Magic Kingdom, so like the DOLE whip, Guests will pay to be able to experience the snack in Magic Kingdom.

It seems that no matter what the cost, Guests will continue to love the spring rolls at Magic Kingdom. Kastle in Neverland (@KastleNeverland) said:

So glad the Springroll Cart was open… LOVE the Pizza ones. Used to love the Cheeseburger but I’ve switched to Pizza.

Some people even crave the snack! Ash (@sohappilyashley) said:

I’m craving disney food..specifically Buffalo chicken spring rolls from adventureland

Sienna (@SiennaSilver) can’t get them out of her head!

Thinking about those pepperoni pizza spring rolls at Disney World

So even though price increases are never fun at Disney World, I personally do not think it will stop Guests from wanting to purchase these unique spring rolls!

Would you pay $9.50 for the spring rolls at Magic Kingdom?

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