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disney spring rolls

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  1. Steve S.

    Covid will be the best excuse Disney ever had to raise prices. They can literally blame every one of them on Covid. From management’s point of view, Covid will be the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. joe

      Disney raises food prices to push the food plan. If the cost of meals don’t exceed the cost of the food plan, Disney realizes the food plan won’t be purchased. In other words Disney is telling people to buy the food plan.

      1. Sandra Phelps

        They are not doing dining plans right now, so that’s a moot point, unless maybe they are about to bring it back…

        1. Bob

          Disney has gone from valuing and serving park guests to ripping guests off at every opportunity. The new park management needs to go.

          1. Nick

            Disney was never primarily about valuing & serving, they, like every for profit business, is most concerned with profitability.
            People are just more aware and willing to push back more now than they had been.

    2. Nadia

      Sigh…guess I have to keep saving up for my Disney. They are raising prices on everything ?

  2. Backcountry164

    They are literally just pricing poor people out of the park. This is just the latest in a long list of similar changes..
    Fewer people makes for a better experience and you can charge more if the experience is better. If they can milk the same amount of money out of one wealthy person as they could two or three middle classed individuals that’s what they’re going to do.

  3. Angelique Wood

    You know their costs didn’t go up that much. I understand an increase due to food costs of maybe $.50 but not $2.00. They are still making alot of money on the item.

  4. Will

    To the people complaining about the price increase,

    Have you ever even paid the $7.5? If not, then sit down.

    1. Heather

      Yes, I have paid the $7.50 and it hurt even then. $5 would my personal heck yeah I’ll get them and multiple times a trip price but my husband and I only got them once last trip. Would you pay $9.50 for the spring rolls at Magic Kingdom? No. Not for their size and only getting 2.

      1. Exactly WHERE in MK are these springrolls?? Got me wanting to try them!!

  5. Mike

    Food prices are up all across the magic kingdom. A 20 ounce Coke is $4.50. But still the reservations at restaurants are always booked months in advance. So as long as people (rich or poor) pay it they will increase the price.

  6. Stan The Man

    I would love to have the spring rolls, but with parking now costing $25 per day, ton top of all the other perks that Disney has seen fit to take away I think I’ll pass on another gouge at my pocket! Wake up Disney! Universal is looking better for a change!!

  7. Rroe

    Disney is a land for wealthy people. No longer will the average child be able to have the fun and enjoyment we had as kids. Also believe that Disney makes far to much money from overseas visitors and they could care less about the American citizen. Hopefully this will all come back to haunt them.

  8. The question I ask myself is why do I visit Disney 2-3 times a year from Maryland since 2004 and why do my wife and I buy an annual pass and renew every year, because Disney had so much more to offer than in entertainment and the great cast members than Hersheypark and Busch Gardens which are a lot closer and are within 2 and 3.5 hours away, but now takeaway the magical express, fireworks, shows, photo pics with Mickey and the rest of the characters, fast passes, increases in prices across the board plus only guaranteed of 3 park reservations for AP holders, you lost me for now and its going to take a lot for Disney to get me back.

    1. RobinD

      Sonny, I enjoyed reading your post. I know many people speak about the magic Disney creates. For my family, we BRING the magic. We make every trip magical no matter where we go. We tend to enjoy Universal ALOT more than WDW so I’ve removed it from our list for now. I guess we’re more thrill seekers and Disney’s rides just don’t compare. I suppose I would be able to budget more for theme park food if it were actually delicious and of good quality. When we visit Disney, we arrive early with our bellies full, leave for a delicious, quality lunch and then return to the parks.

    2. Carrie

      Having lived in San Diego for the majority of my life, when I was finally able to afford AP passes we got them and kept renewing, even as the prices went up. Then, 8 years ago, we moved to the middle of the country. My husband surprised me with a Premier AP so I had the option of either coast and I would use his travel points to fly and stay a 3 nights usually. Now, there is no way I can be spontaneous and Disneyland, when they open, is only allowing CA residents from what I understand. I might be wrong about that. So, it will be several years before I return. I’m glad I had a good run and was able to give my now grown kids some good memories.

  9. Alfred Barecchia

    Prices keep going up, but the product does not improve. Maybe CEOs salaries should be lowered so they can feel the difficulty that others are going through.

  10. Alvin Furiya

    We complain about it but in the end we will get over it and pay. That is how it goes and they know it.

  11. Earl Knowles

    The world of diminishing returns for your Disney vacation dollar! The younger generation creates the future for any business. If you price them out they will not be brand loyal as many of us are. If the management at Disney Parks continues to increase costs at a pace that is greater than inflation their future revenue will be impacted. How many families can afford the $10,000 price tag for a week at Disney?

  12. As someone in the food industry for 30 years knows, when the cost of food (ingredients) goes up, so do the prices of your product, which I’m pretty sure is the reason for the increase.
    I’m pretty sure that it costs Disney a fortune to run, and if they have to raise prices now and then, so be it!! Besides, if you can’t (sadly) afford 9.50 for a snack that you love, you really shouldn’t be in Disneyworld!!

  13. Karen Brown

    Definitely won’t be buying the spring rolls anymore, it’s no longer a snack…If it’s priced like a meal there should be more that comes with it.

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