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Watching Disney World adapt to the pandemic as the months have rolled along has been quite interesting. The company has had to close down its theme parks, reopen them with stringent measures, and then try to find a happy medium that involves Guest safety and still a fun, magical day at a Disney theme park.

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Two key factors when operating Disney World safely during a pandemic are ensuring proper mask wear and social distancing. Over time, due to the theme park destination’s strict pandemic-era protocol regarding masks, the resort has continued to enforce appropriate mask-wearing and taken action when Guests do not follow the face mask rules.

Social distancing, however, has changed in specific ways. Although Cast Members constantly remind Guests to distance themselves from other parties when meandering the parks, the attractions have become more relaxed with social distancing. Plexiglass is still installed in the queues of many attractions, but now, ride vehicles are loading every row to allow more Guests to ride without keeping parties one row apart. When the parks reopened, attractions were previously skipping rows when loading Guests. 

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We have taken to Instagram to ask our audience of Disney fans if the relaxed social distancing on attractions impacts them.

Some Guests are not too comfortable seeing that the proximity with other Guests while riding an attraction is as it once was before the pandemic.

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cornbreadinthecastle noted:

We’re visiting next week. Not bothered at all by the masks, but I’m disappointed to see they’ve relaxed some of the distancing on rides. I felt better when they weren’t loading all cars or rows on more rides.

Induisi said:

Still not ready. This pandemic is NOT OVER!!!

Bendenhart says that they will not be returning to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the way things are at the moment.

Will wait till vaccination till I head back.

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Traci_lanzi said that the lack of social distancing on attractions creates an “uncomfortable feeling.” Kimcav95 seems to agree, noting:

A bit nervous. I know how I take care w/ myself around others. Now sure what strangers do. 

That being said, many Guests are big fans of the attractions no longer being as socially distanced as time progresses.

Cole.w.wright said that he is “Glad! Time to move forward!”

Sarahgray1410 gave the change two thumbs up.

Step in the right direction. 

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Shallwedisney touched on one of the biggest positives of loading all rows: lines are moving much faster now that more Guests can be seated at once.

Good! It took way too long before. 

Many Guests noted that they are ok with the change because of the mask-wear implemented in the parks. Saratichota said they felt “fine since everyone wears a mask.”

Jen_mueller.roberts is a big fan of the change.

So great! Makes you forget the world and the chaos of it and brings you magic and hope. 

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It seems that the responses we received on the topic were quite divided. However, keep in mind that Disney continues to operate the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, Disney Resort hotels, and Disney Springs while following CDC guidelines during the pandemic. For the latest information on pandemic-era protocol and health and safety measures at Disney World, click here.

How do you feel about Disney World no longer social distancing on attractions?

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