Tinker Bell Annual Passholder Magnet Arrives!

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If you are a Disney Annual Passholder, you probably love collecting your Disney magnets! The Annual Passholder magnets get released often during festivals and holidays, but with the park closure we missed out on collecting the magnets for a few months.

Have you received your Tinker Bell Magnet?

Disney definitely knows that their Annual Passholders cherish every new magnet they get, and they acted on that. During the closure, we heard that Disney would be releasing an exclusive Tinker Bell magnet to all Annual Passholders, and this time you didn’t have to wait in a long line at the parks!

The magnet would be mailed to each Passholder, and finally, they have begun to arrive! Here at Inside The Magic, some of our reporters are beginning to receive their magnets and they look cute as ever.

Want to see for yourself? Take a look below!

This packaging and fold-out style design reminds us of the Disney vacation letters we get when we are about to head on our vacations! It definitely has that magic-mail feel and helps out us AP’s who haven’t been able to visit the parks lately feel some Disney magic.



Annual Passholder Magnet

Tinker Bell AP Magnet
Credit: TJ M. Inside The Magic

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Disney’s message to their Annual Passholders

Annual Passholders know that when they purchase a pass, it is going to bring them a year of magic but at quite the cost. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the AP does not typically allow you to use it to it’s fullest potential. Annual Passholders can no longer just show up due to the new reservation system, and park hopping is temporarily a thing of the past. Disney made sure to remind us all with this gift that:

“The magic is still here, and it’s waiting for you”

tinker bell magnet
Credit: TJ M. Inside The Magic

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Some of us are still *patiently* waiting for our Tinker Bell magnets to come in the mail, but at least now we know they are on their way!

Have you received your Tinker Bell Annual Passholder magnet yet? Let us know! 

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