‘Star Wars’ Declares “Community of Hope and Inclusivity,” Stands By Krystina Arielle

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During the official launch of Star Wars: The High Republic on January 4, Krystina Arielle was announced as the new host of The High Republic Show, a bi-monthly web series that will showcase all of the latest stories, news, and special announcements surrounding Lucasfilm’s latest publishing initiative.

You can watch the full High Republic livestream, featuring writers Charles Soule, Claudia Gray, and more below:

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Unfortunately, Krystina has been facing some online backlash due to comments she previously made regarding racism and social justice in the United States.

The Star Wars community, though, has been standing by their latest addition, with the official Star Wars Twitter account and various others who have worked with the new High Republic host voicing their support on social media. As a matter of fact, the hashtag, #IStandWithKrystina has been trending on Twitter.

Yesterday, Star Wars posted:

Our Star Wars community is one of hope and inclusivity. We do not stand for bullying and racism. We support @KrystinaArielle. 

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Within over 37,000 likes, the post has been largely well-received by followers.

Anthony Carboni, host of Lucasfilm’s Emmy Award winning Star Wars Show, also Tweeted support for his new colleague, writing to his followers:

Hi .@krystinaarielle rules. She’s a wonderful addition to the Star Wars family and I’m very excited for her to be bringing us updates on all the very good High Republic news. Go say hi and give her a warm welcome today, would you?

Critical Role host, Matthew Mercer, who has also worked with Krystina voiced his support, writing:

There are few as bright, bad***, and altogether wonderful as @KrystinaArielle, and anyone who tries to step into her ring better know we’re right there beside her. 

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Fans have also taken to social media to express support for not only Krystina, but all women within the Star Wars franchise. Mariana Gutierrez simply posted two impactful hashtags:



Erin Foley-Chan posted a screenshot of #IStandWithKrystina trending on Twitter in the United States. She captioned the post:

Tweeting that racism is bad makes racists SO angry. #IStandWithKrystina #VerifyKrystina

Krystina Arielle’s latest Star Wars-centric post was a positive one, promoting “This Week in Star Wars” with Kristin Baver. She wrote:

There’s so much good news packed into #thisweekinstarwars! Press play and let @KristinBaver bring you all the Star Wars joy! (And there’s a little cameo by yours truly).

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Diversity has long existed within the Star Wars universe. A prime example is actor Billy Dee Williams making his mark as Lando Calrissian in the original trilogy over 40 years ago — and continuing to reprise the character now!

For those unfamiliar with the upcoming High Republic Show, Wookieepedia offers an entry that will be updated as new details come to light.

Are you excited to watch Krystina Arielle officially join the Star Wars universe?


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