‘Dinosaurs’ FINALLY Hits Disney+ Next Week and Fans Can’t Wait

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Credit: Jim Henson Productions

The cult-favorite Jim Henson sitcom Dinosaurs is finally hitting Disney+ next week and it’s safe to say, fans cannot wait!

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Credit: Jim Henson Productions

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The 1990s classic animated series Dinosaurs followed the lives of the Sinclairs, a dinosaur family consisting of parents Fran (Jessica Walter), Earl (Stuart Pankin), and their children Baby Sinclair, Robbie (Leif Tilden), and Charlene (Sally Struthers).

The Jim Henson Company production was known for its social satire and periodic cynicism – in fact, the sarcasm is what made the show so appealing to many viewers. The show did appeal to all ages, however, thanks in large part to precocious Baby Sinclair (performed by Sesame Street Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash).

The show was developed by Jim Henson shortly before his death and continues to have a loyal fan base, even though it has been off the air for nearly 30 years. Twitter is abuzz with fan reactions to the show’s imminent Disney+ debut — it was taken off of Hulu a couple of years ago, so viewers have been waiting quite some time to be able to watch Baby Sinclair and his hilarious family on a streaming platform again!

One fan wrote:

Can’t wait for dinosaurs to be on Disney+ already. Been sad ever since it was removed from Hulu.

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GalaxyRox excitedly shared:

2021 is bringing back My childhood! *MeTv bringing back morning cartoons on Saturdays * Dinosaurs the tv show episodes coming to Disney+ * The Muppet Show episodes coming to Disney+

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Jenny Henkelman spread the word about the upcoming Disney+ premiere:

Oh HEY did you about Dinosaurs coming to Disney+??

Another Twitter thread noted:

FYI – Disney+ is bringing Dinosaurs to its service 


About time.

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If you’ve been missing the ’90s, you’re going to want to grab a Capri Sun and some Dunkaroos and settle in for a nostalgic afternoon of Dinosaurs on January 29!

Are you looking forward to hearing “I’m the baby, gotta love me” again?

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