Gad Gives “Exclusive” Look at Upcoming ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel

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Fans have been anxiously awaiting more details surrounding the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast prequel!

In case you weren’t aware, the upcoming Beauty and the Beast prequel series, titled The Little Town, will be a live-action series coming soon to Disney+. And, because it is a live-action prequel, it will follow the story-line of the 2017 live-action Beauty and the Beast remake of Disney’s animated classic.

The 2017 film starred Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Josh Gad as LeFou and Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, but this prequel won’t focus on most of this cast. In fact, it will only focus on Gaston and his backstory. It has been confirmed that Josh Gad and Luke Evans will both be reprising their roles as LeFou and Gaston in the upcoming prequel. Alan Menken, the composer of the original movie, is also set to return to provide the music for the series.

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Credit: Disney

Well, following Disney’s Investors Day 2020 event, where Disney revealed more than 100 upcoming projects for television and film, Josh Gad took to Instagram to share an “exclusive” look at the upcoming prequel!

Josh Gad shared this photo below along with the caption “Exclusive look at the Beauty and the Beast Spinoff. Can’t wait to get to work with @thereallukeevans and @alanmenken as well as bring you some incredible surprises along the way, (sans the Bearded version of Belle) seen here.”

This is obviously Josh Gad being the jokester that he is as this photo was from a skit Gad, Menken, and Evans did on The Late Late Show With James Corden back in 2017. If you never saw the skit, you can watch it here:

Even though this was a prank on Gad’s part, he is clearly excited for the upcoming prequel, as are we. Inside the Magic will continue to update you as we get new information regarding The Little Town, Disney’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast prequel.

Are you excited for Disney’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast prequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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