Just One Day After Christmas, Disney World Crowds Lower

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Walt Disney World Resort has been drawing in crowds this holiday season, with theme parks even hitting their limited capacity on multiple different days. But now, with the holidays over and cold weather sweeping through Florida, it looks as though people are now staying away from the theme parks and trying to avoid crowds as wait times have decreased in just a single day.

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As you can see, according to Walt Disney World Wait Times, the average wait for EPCOT on Christmas Day was approximately 26.3 minutes.

However, just one day after Christmas, the average wait time for EPCOT dropped by 4 minutes, coming in at approximately 22.1 minutes.

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The same thing can be said for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which had an average wait time of 39 minutes on Christmas Day.

But just one day later, on December 26, Disney’s Hollywood Studios averaged about 36.9 minutes — About 2-3 minutes less than the day before.

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Typically, we see crowds significantly increase during the weekends at Disney World as Florida locals tend to flock to the theme parks on Saturday and Sunday. However, this is the first weekend in quite some time where we actually saw the wait times decrease on a weekend. This could be due to a few different things.

First, people could be wanting to stay away from the theme parks because of the recent crowds (WDW increased capacity to 35%)  as well as the current pandemic (which is still ongoing). As you can see in the screenshot below, there are still some park passes available for the remainder of this week, which indicates fewer crowds than in weeks past.

And, as we previously mentioned, there have been several occasions where Disney World theme parks hit their limited capacity, and park passes were no longer available. However, for the remainder of this week, which is also New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, it seems as though people are trying to stay away from the theme parks.

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Credit: Disney World Website

Additionally, this could be a result of the holiday season coming to an end. And lastly, Florida is being hit with a cold front, which isn’t the typical weather experienced by visitors to the Sunshine State. Florida locals and hopeful theme park Guests alike may want to stay away from the theme parks due to the cold weather.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the temperature for Orlando, Florida was much lower than most Floridians are used to.

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Credit: Weather Channel

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