Super Nintendo World Opening Date Revealed!

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super nintendo world

Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has officially announced an opening date for Super Nintendo World. 

Super Nintendo World will officially open on February 4, 2021. 

As stated on the official website:

Super Nintendo World ™” Grand Opening Decided on Thursday, February 4, 2021!
A new large-scale theme area “Super Nintendo” that reproduces the world of Nintendo’s characters and games, which Japan is proud of in the world, in the real world with overwhelming scale and quality by using the innovative ideas of Universal Studios and the world’s latest technology. “Nintendo World ™” will finally open on February 4, 2021!

Universal Studios Japan shared the news on Instagram:

\\ Breaking news //
New large-scale area “Super Nintendo World ™” will open on February 4th (Thursday) ?
The world of Nintendo games, which Japan is proud of in the world, including “Mario Kart” realized with the latest technology, has become a reality ✨

Along with an Instagram post with images of the new land and upcoming attractions, Universal Studios Japan also took to Twitter to share a new promotional video:

Universal Studios Japan also revealed more information about the attractions coming to the new land: Mario Kart ~ Bowser’s Challenge ~ and Yoshi Adventure.

Mario Kart ~ Bowser’s Challenge ~

Race with Mario Kart!
The world of Mario Kart, a number of amazing courses will appear in front of you! Throw these and push forward with Mario and Princess Peach while repelling the enemy! The world’s first * Mario Kart experience that comes true with the latest technology unique to the park is exciting and exciting!
* In-house research at Mario Kart and its world-themed theme parks, original attractions, and game facilities

super nintendo world
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Yoshi Adventure

Embark on an adventurous journey with
Yoshi Ride on Yoshi’s back, follow Captain Toad, and embark on a treasure hunt adventure! Relying on the map that the captain forgot, he will find three eggs lurking here and there. Look at the mushroom kingdom from Mount Beanpole, meet those cute girls, and have a lot of fun!

super nintendo world
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Additionally, as we previously reported, Universal will be debuting their very own interactive wristbands much like MagicBands at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. At Universal Studios Japan, guests can use power-up bands to compete in challenges at Super Nintendo World.

Power-up band key challenge

Get the Golden Mushrooms back from Bowser Jr.!
Golden mushroom was stolen by Bowser Jr.! Defeat enemies around the area and get 3 keys! The exciting boss battle with Bowser Jr. is waiting for you after collecting the keys. Can you safely get the golden mushrooms back! ??
* A power-up band is required for the experience.
* A power-up band is charged.

super nintendo world
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Also note that if you want to visit Super Nintendo World, a special ticket is required. The website states that an “Area Admission Guarantee Ticket / Area Admission Numbered Ticket” is needed in order to experience this new land. More information about Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan (including what you should know about the attractions, admission, and more) can be found on the official website here.

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