Avocad-whoa! NEW Danielle Nicole Minnie Avocado Bag Available Now

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Minnie Avocado bag feature

Guacamole, avocado toast, veggie sushi… avocado bag? When it comes to avocado, this new Minnie Avocado bag is a recipe for fun food fashion. Danielle Nicole has released this new fun crossbody purse for those who want some kawaii food in their wardrobe. Disney fans will eat this bag up!

Fun Food Vibes

As if avocados are not the trendiest fruit – yes, fruit! – already, Danielle Nicole just made them even trendier. First, the whole front of the bag shimmers with sparkles and shines with a light green glow. The center of the bag contains the pit of the avocado. However, its seed is anything but the pits! The golden-brown pit illuminates this bag with an iridescent opulence. The back of the crossbody bag is an elegant dark green that coordinates with the other colors perfectly.

Minnie Avocado bag side
Credit: Danielle Nicole
Minnie Avocado bag back
Credit: Danielle Nicole

Minnie’s Avocad-Bow

Though the pit is certainly beautiful, the Disney magic weaved through the bag’s style is my favorite part. Minnie’s ears match the outer layer of the avocado, sparkling brilliantly. Minnie’s bow crowns the bag in adorable avocado glory. The pink of the bow compliments the tones of green used on the bag. Check out all the cute mini avocado accents on the bow. I spy hidden Mickeys!

Minnie Avocado bag front
Credit: Danielle Nicole

Pick One from the Garden Today

These Minnie Avocado bags are available today, October 16th, at 11 am EST. Purchase yours from the Danielle Nicole website here. This bag is $68 plus tax and shipping. And, just like fruit fashion, this Minnie Avocado bag will never expire. If you love this bag, check out the wide selection of other Disney Collection products from Danielle Nicole. Danielle Nicole has released Disney food collections in the past, from Mickey and Minnie pizza and donuts to Marvel desserts. Check out this bright and beautiful Stitch backpack! They also have sold some cute Disney princess bags that would make any fan feel like royalty. They have sold cute Disney animal bags as well as a sweet Up collection. Danielle Nicole is a great accessory retailer for Disneybounding enthusiasts and any Disney fan who loves a touch of Disney magic in their outfits.

Will you add this Danielle Nicole Minnie Avocado bag to your kitchen – I mean – fashion collection? Let us know in the comments!

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