Fly Away in Style with Danielle Nicole’s New ‘UP!’ Collection

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Danielle Nicole UP purse

What better way to escape this pandemic then to hook your house onto a million balloons?

Okay, we might not be able to pull a Carl and hoist ourselves up into the air, but we sure can wear a purse that will make it look like we can!

Danielle Nicole just released a brand new UP! purse for the Pixar | Danielle Nicole Collection, and we are *swooning* over this cute and colorful design. The collection comes in two different styles and each bag is only $68.00. But let’s take a closer look shall we?

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UP bag danielle nicole
Credit: Danielle Nicole

Take a look inside…

up bag inside
Credit: Danielle Nicole

The Carl & Ellie Dream House Purse

Or at least that’s what I think when I look at it! This version of the bag has a classic lunch box style look to it with its simple rectangle shape and small handle. The bag also features a cross body strap with a cute detail engraved on the inside saying “Carl & Ellie.”  The bag features the classic balloon house giving it a fun pop of color, but the balloons open up to a secret compartment with a cloud zipper to open it! The cute details of the purse along with the retro shape makes it the perfect bag to take out to the parks while still being subtle enough to bring around when you are shopping.




Danielle Nicole up bag
Credit: Danielle Nicole


Imagine wearing this in the parks!

Danielle Nicole Up bag
Credit: Danielle Nicole

The ULTIMATE Up! Disney Bound Bag

The second purse in the Pixar | Danielle Nicole Collection showcases the level of creativity that DNC bags never fail to disappoint with. This satchel has a long skinny strap to not distract from the centerpiece of this bag which is the balloon center! The balloon section is  uniquely spherical in shape, and has the house connecting beneath it. It reminds me of the UP! balloon that came out at Disneyland during Pixar Fest, making it perfect for this Pixar collection.

Where can I find these bags?

If you want to purchase these bags, they will be available on the Danielle Nicole site here. And while you are shopping, take a look at all of the other Disney bags the site has to offer. Be careful, you may end up spending more than you thought – but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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Are these Danielle Nicole UP! purses something you want to add to your shopping cart? Tell us below!

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