Danielle Nicole Set to Release New Marvel Food-Themed Bags

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Danielle Nicole Marvel Bags

While it is usually Loungefly that we are celebrating for the incredible Disney-themed bags they release on a regular basis, this time around it is designer Danielle Nicole who deserves the credit with her new food range of Marvel bags. Loungefly is known for a number of Marvel bags and other accessories but this collection from Danielle Nicole really stands out as something very different to what we’ve seen from them.

Firstly, let’s talk about the bag that is already available for preorder, a Spider-Man cupcake crossbody.

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Spider-Man Cupcake Crossbody

Costing $68 this bag has a surprisingly large amount of room for a crossbody bag, almost like you could actually store a few cupcakes in there.

You can pre-order it now by clicking here and it will begin shipping from September 15th.

Spider-Man Cupcake bag
Credit: Danielle Nicole
Credit: Danielle Nicole

Captain America Bags

The two new bags that will go on sale on Wednesday are based on Captain America and include a donut and popsicle variant of the famous vibranium shield from the Marvel Comics and movies:

Captain America donut bag
Credit: Danielle Nicole
Captain America popsicle bag
Credit: Danielle Nicole

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No word on the exact price of these bags yet but you can expect them to be between $68-$88 based on the other similar bags on the website.

Here’s a bit more about the fashion designer on her website:

Combining fashion, pop culture and affordability, Danielle Nicole has altered the definition of an accessory must-have within the fashion space. Utilizing her passion for design and the current trends, the brand has successfully partnered with Disney, Warner Brothers, Nintendo, HBO, and Nickelodeon to name a few.

These aren’t the only Marvel products the fashion designer has on her website, she also has a mini Spider-Man backpack and a Captain Marvel backpack.

Are you a fan of these tasty looking Marvel bags? Let us know in the comments below!

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