Artists Creates Incredible 2020 Inspired Disney Princess Artwork

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2020 disney princesses

This year has been an unconventional one to say the least — Well, one artist has decided to create an amazing collection of 2020 Disney princesses.

Artist @diana1992d has shared some stunning pieces of work over the past few weeks that present your favorite Disney princess as if they were living in 2020. So take a seat and get ready to see Princess Tiana, Ariel, Belle, and others embrace our modern culture.

Let us know if your favorite Disney princess made the cut!

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Belle and Mulan rock the modern princess aesthetic

We love what Diana has done with Belle and Mulan. The latter’s hoodie is amazing and we totally wish we could buy ourselves such a cool Mushu jersey!

As for Belle, I never imagined trading in her ball gown for a denim shirt would look so good on this Disney heroine. The Mickey logo, Mrs Potts, and rose detailing are just the icing on the cake.

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Classic Disney princesses look amazing in 2020 style

Princess Jasmine is looking iconic and is sure to be an inspiration to young girls and boys everywhere, with her lit jacket and hoodie combo.

Equally, Cinderella’s glass slipper inspired hoodie is a must have for any Disney fan pining for the Magic Kingdom! We’d also love to see how Diana would reimagine Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother in a modern way. 

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The Frozen sisters don’t need a dress to look amazing

The stars of the highest-grossing animated Disney movie of all time look super ‘cool’ in these themed hoodies. We love that Diana has maintained the official Disney princess color scheme, with the hoodies reflecting the look of the character’s canon dress.

Anna and Elsa for example, wear purple and light blue jumpers respectively, which line up with their official princess artwork. The snowflakes on the masks are also a lovely touch!

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Tiana is clearly fed up with her face mask, but Ariel isn’t!

Princess Tiana looks like she’s had enough of wearing her mask for one day! She’s clearly been cooking up something delicious at her restaurant and may need a bit of a break. However, The Little Mermaid herself, Ariel, is rocking a plain black mask. We love her Flounder hoodie! (Man, why aren’t these real).

We’d love to see Diana tackle more 2020 Disney princesses in the future! Hopefully we can see takes on Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Snow White‘s that reflect this mad year, soon.

In the mean time, check out @diana1992d here for more amazing artwork.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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