‘Hunchback’ Directors Reveal Celebrity Audition Drama

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hunchback celebrity audition drama

Walt Disney Studios’ The Hunchback of Notre Dame remains an animated classic. But just this week, behind the scenes audition information was revealed and fans were shocked.The film‘s directors revealed the juiciest Hunchback celebrity audition drama ever. (Personally, I still can’t believe it!) Let’s dive into it.

All information comes from an interview with directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise on the Collider podcast, as reported by Collider.

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Original Hunchback of Notre Dame cast was wild

The first bombshell that Trousdale and Wise dropped was revealing an actor who was very nearly cast to play Quasimodo: Marvin Lee Aday. Never heard of him? He’s not really known for acting, so perhaps you’ll know him better as the one and only Meat Loaf.

meat loaf Hunchback celebrity audition drama
Credit: Telegraph UK

Yes, musical star Meat Loaf was brought in to audition for the part and even performed Quasi’s main song, Out There. According to Trousdale and Wise, he made it pretty far and was almost cast!

“He was really good! It was pretty far along in the process. Like almost cast.”

Other big casting moves included Hollywood staples like singer – actress Cyndi Lauper and actor Sam McMurray as two of the three Gargoyles. However, the real drama came from another actor who auditioned for the film‘s lead role of Quasimodo.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Mandy Patinkin’s Hunchback audition is more dramatic than the Victor Hugo story

Mandy Patinkin Hunchback celebrity audition drama
Credit: CBS

Ok, maybe not quite that bad. But The Princess Bride actor‘s audition certainly sounds intense to say the least.

We’ll let Kirk and Trousdale take it from here;

“In one of our casting sessions in New York, Mandy Patinkin came in and actually read for the part. Again, Mandy Patinkin – amazing actor, incredible career, big fan, disastrous audition,”

“He brought his own accompanist. We had a guy there. He was on the piano and everybody who came in and sang, he supplied the music. His accompanist had rearranged the song … This is [with] Alan [Menken – Aladdin legend] and [lyricist] Stephen Schwartz in the room!”

“So they played it. And Kirk and I were like huh. You could see Alan and Stephen just turning red and levitating. Like the room behind them was getting dark … And when he finished with the song, I can’t remember who it was, but almost immediately they said, ‘Kirk and Gary do you want to step outside?’ We said, ‘Okay.'”

Hunchback of Notre Dame
Credit: Disney

“We could hear an animated discussion happening behind the door and then Mandy Patinkin came back out, ostensibly to work with us on a little bit of the dialogue … He was going to read a dialogue scene, because he hadn’t yet for his audition. We were supposed to give him some feedback and talk about the character. He was very gracious with us and he’s talking with us and nodding and a little bit intense. Then, in mid-sentence, Gary and I were talking and at one-point Mandy goes, ‘Guys, I’m really sorry, I can’t do this.’ And he turns on his heel and he goes back into the room and shuts the door. Then the fireworks really started. The walls shook.”

“Mandy chewed out Stephen so bad that Stephen was so pissed that he got up and left. Stephen gets in the elevator and he’s gone …And then Alan has to go talk him off the ledge … So Alan puts on his coat and his scarf and he’s out of here. So now we’ve lost Mandy, we’ve lost Alan, and we’ve lost Stephen. We’re sitting there in this smoking crater.”

Credit: Disney

The star told his side of the story to the Los Angeles Times in 1997 saying “they sent me a song and I worked on it the way I work on songs” and confirming that he said “I can’t do this”.

Sometimes Hollywood casting rooms offer a story that’s crazier than the movie itself. It makes you wonder who else was nearly in the film. It was the 90s, so probably actress Julia Roberts as Esmeralda and Brad Pitt as Phoebus. Imagine that, Hunchback fans. Imagine that.

So that’s the wild Hunchback celebrity audition drama — Are you shocked?

Can you imagine Hunchback with this actor in the lead role? Let us know in the comments below.

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