Object Reportedly Hits Guest’s Head on Space Mountain

in Walt Disney World

space mountain lights on

Credit: Disney

On Friday, August 7, a Guest was reportedly hit on the head while riding the Space Mountain attraction at Magic Kingdom.

Witnesses report that an unknown object hit a Guest on the head while she was riding Space Mountain today.

In an email to Inside the Magic, another Magic Kingdom Guest recalled the incident. She stated that she witnessed a female Guest being brought into an area in the gift shop adjacent to the Space Mountain attraction. EMTs arrived on the scene shortly after and spent approximately 10 minutes with the Guest who was hit on the head.

The witness stated that the Guest did not need further medical attention and Disney Cast Members were looking into the situation after it occurred.

Some speculate that an object may have fallen from a ride vehicle on the track above, thus hitting the Guest on the head. However, this is only speculation and at this time the exact object that hit the Guest’s head has not been confirmed.

The witness shared that her family had gone back through the Space Mountain attraction queue to hopefully ride the attraction a second time, but Disney Cast Members had turned all the lights on and closed the attraction. Note that the witness and the witness’s family were not visiting Magic Kingdom with the Guest who was hit on the head.

We continue to await more information from local authorities regarding the incident. We are glad to hear that the Guest did not need further medical attention and we hope she is okay at this time.

It’s important to note that sometimes accidents can happen, even at the Most Magical Place on Earth. We have reported several incidents regarding Space Mountain in the past. Although this is a Guest-favorite attraction, many have reported feeling faint and even experiencing injuries while riding Space Mountain. 

space mountain woman faints
Credit: Disney

Other incidents recently reported at Magic Kingdom include the sinking of one Splash Mountain log while Guests were riding the attraction last week. You can read more about that situation here.

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Note that if you ever witness someone needing assistance at Walt Disney World Resort, or if you are in need of help after experiencing a mishap, Disney Cast Members are there to help you in any way. Please reach out to the closest Cast Member if you ever need assistance while on your Disney Parks vacation.

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