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Disney Parks bring joy and magic to all Guests, no matter your age or background. But with Disneyland and Disney California Adventure temporarily closed, for the time being, fans are taking to social media to find the magic they’re so used to getting in the theme parks.

Thankfully, creators like Bri at @eatseemagic are using their platforms to spread pixie dust, kindness, and of course magic to all of their followers and fellow Disney fanatics. We had the opportunity to catch up with Bri and learn more about what motivates her to be a positive light in the community, especially during a time of so much uncertainty.

Whether you’re a long time follower of @eatseemagic or you recently found her page or YouTube channel, there’s no denying this woman’s love for Disney. Many of us are trying to find ways to stay positive during this time. And following along with Bri definitely brings a smile to our faces.

In an email to Inside the Magic, Bri shared some of her social media journey and what led her to start Eat See Magic online.

“I was inspired to start EatSeeMagic because I’ve always had a passion for travel & food and felt like I had a unique perspective as a black woman to bring diversity to the theme park vlogging space. Another reason I decided to start vlogging is so that people who do not have access to the parks as frequently as they would like could watch my videos and feel like they are there with me. My intention is to spread joy through my character interactions, my honest food & merchandise reviews, and the little clips of parades/shows in the parks. Just because you can’t get to the Disney parks often doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the magic from home.

My Instagram was started about a month before my first vlog was released. I created the Instagram account to supplement and promote my YouTube channel by posting food pics of what I reviewed in the parks. The first account to ever repost a photo of mine was @blackgirldisney and that’s when I got introduced to another world on Instagram of content creators who look like me and LOVE Disney as much as I do.”

Even during the Disney Park closures amid the pandemic, Bri still used her platform to make magic.

When asked what inspires her to keep creating content even when the theme parks have been closed, Bri replied, “My main inspiration for continuing to create content during the park closures comes from my niece and twin nephews. They’re so young that they don’t really understand what’s going on except that one week they were with their friends and teachers at school and then the next week they had to stay at home for an extended period of time.”

Bri said that she recreated Disney theme park treats and crafts for her niece and nephews in order to help keep them entertained during the pandemic. She turned these activities into vlogs on her YouTube channel and posts on her Instagram.

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✨GIVEAWAY UPDATE✨ . Thank you SO MUCH for participating in the #magicfoodietour . Not only was it great to see all of your yummy pics during this challenge, but I’m so happy to know that many of you made some new foodie friends! Continue to use the hashtag to find other foodies and to post about new & delicious foodie finds in the parks! . Since we had such a great turnout we decided to GIVE AWAY A SECOND WAFFLE MAKER!! ???? @selectbrands reached out to us because they were so inspired by the challenge that they wanted to provide us with another waffle maker to give away. (Thank you @selectbrands ). The second winner will be selected from a pool of people that participated EVERYDAY OF THE CHALLENGE! Both winners will be announced tomorrow during LUNCH BREAK LIVE w/ @bibbidibobbidi_broke & @itsdarlingnikki at 1pm PST/4pm EST!! . Comment below ???????????: WHICH DAY WAS YOUR FAVORITE DURING THIS CHALLENGE?? . *Giveaway not sponsored by Instagram or the Walt Disney Company. By entering you release Instagram of any responsibility and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Must be 18+ and live in the U.S. ?

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“I also love interacting with people and I didn’t want that to stop during quarantine so I kept creating content,” Bri said. “The wonderful thing about Disney is that you can absolutely enjoy the magic at home in so many different ways.”

If you’ve been keeping up with Disney creators or you’re an avid follower of Good Morning America, you may recognize Bri from her recent “I Miss Disneyland” freestyle. Bri shared an IGTV video in celebration of Disneyland’s 65th anniversary. Even though the Disneyland Resort theme parks are closed and fans couldn’t celebrate the 65th birthday of the original Disney Park in person, Bri’s video showed that the park is still worth celebrating.

“Now I would be lying if I didn’t mention that the love and support that I received from my “I Miss Disneyland” freestyle is one of the most magical moments I’ve experienced since starting EatSeeMagic,” Bri said. “I’m still so happy about the Good Morning America interview being shared on various social media accounts including Disneyland’s Instagram account – a magical moment for sure!!!”

You can watch Bri’s full interview with Good Morning America below, in which she shares more about the freestyle video:

And the full version of the “I Miss Disneyland” freestyle is here:

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?HAPPY 65th ANNIVERSARY TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!! Although we can’t celebrate in person I hope everyone is finding a way to celebrate the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH from home!? . I miss @disneyland just like y’all so I decided to drop a little freestyle about my favorite park! ENJOY!!! . BibbidiBobbidiBlack Sweater: @erykasendlessmagic Custom Tiana Spirit Jersey: @disneydzyned Kente Mickey Ears: @mousequeradeshop Black Girl Disney Logo Sticker: @blackgirldisney . This is my freestyle over the instrumental to “The Motto” by Drake. I DO NOT own the rights to the instrumental that was used. . #blackgirldisney #bibbidibobbidiblack #freestyle #disneyland #spiritjersey #65thanniversary #disneyland65thanniversary #themotto

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In addition to sharing fun videos, vlogs, crafts, and treats on her social media, Bri is also very creative when it comes to DisneyBounding. She often shares DisneyBound outfits that show her own twist on well-known Disney characters.

Take a look at this Te Fiti DisneyBound:

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?”YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE”? . It’s Day 4 of #boundingwithpride hosted by @thedisneybound & @_the_adventurous_rjay and it’s all about GREEN which represents NATURE!??? . I decided to bound as the Goddess Te Fiti because she is the gatekeeper of the land of Motunui. SHE is the reason that the land is either plentiful or in a drought.???????? . There are so many life lessons hidden in Moana like finding yourself, exploring life, and never giving up. Te Fiti (as Te Kā) lashed out when her heart was stolen for selfish reasons but as soon as she became whole again, the land flourished. This is a reminder to work on becoming the best version of yourself so that you too can flourish in this world!??????

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She shared some insight into what inspires each of her character creations: “Whenever I do a bound challenge I always think about how I can make the bound authentic to who I am. Like when I did my Queen Elsa from Inglewood (where I was born) bound or my Genie bound, I thought about how I would like to be styled if I were that character.”

Take a look at Bri’s Elsa look:

Bri also DisneyBounded as Genie:

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?‍♂️YOU AIN’T NEVER HAD A FRIEND LIKE ME?‍♂️ . It’s #allyinjuly brought to you by @pixiedustedwithpride and it’s all about sharing our stories as allies to the Pride community.❤️??????? I had a hard time thinking of how to share my story because being an ally is just a natural thing to me. I’ve been this way since I was a child and there was never a question of how or why I became an ally….I just always have been!! Surrounding myself with family, friends, family friends, & co-workers from the LGBTQ+ community my entire life has taught me a lot about being an ally, so here are some tips: . A?️‍?- Ask yourself if you’re doing enough! Being an ally doesn’t mean just admiring the community from the sidelines, it means being on the frontline for change. When you talk about how much you STAN for Pose, do you STAND FOR JUSTICE for the TRANSLIVES that are lost by horrific murders at an alarming rate??? . L?️‍?- Listen to the community! This is so important. We need to understand ALL THE ISSUES that the community is faced with in order to effectively be an ally. Legalizing marriage isn’t enough! What about representation in the media? On television? In films? Resources for the youth? Resources for all? . L?️‍?- Lead the way in your own life! Be the leader amongst your friends and family to stand up for the community. NO ONE should be allowed to make derogatory comments in your presence – CHECK & EDUCATE THEM! . Y?️‍?- Yell at the top of your lungs for equal rights & representation for the community! Pride started as a riot thanks to the courage of Marsha P. Johnson, Zazu Nova, and Jackie Hormana (plus more unnamed heroes) and we need to keep that same energy to continue fighting for justice! . Thank you again to @_the_adventurous_rjay and @dapperdigstradingco for continuing the magic of Pride! I can’t wait to hear from the other allies this month!❤️??????? . #allyinjuly #pride #pridemonth #lgbtq #pixiedustedwithpride #thedisneybound #boundersofcolor

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So, what does Bri hope audiences take away from her page? “Pure joy, happiness, and black girl magic!!” she wrote in an email to Inside the Magic “I try to be authentically myself in everything I do from food reviews, to bounds, to style and I hope it shows. When people watch my vlogs or IGTV, I want them to have fun.”

Bri continued, “Everything I do is meant to bring you along a fun journey with me even when you can’t get to the parks. I also hope that my page inspires others to have fun and create content that makes them and others happy. You don’t need fancy equipment; you just need passion and to start with what you have.”

Closing out her message, Bri shared some advice for anyone who needs it. She said that it’s important to take care of ourselves during this pandemic. You can read her message below:

“I know this is a tough time that we are going through and I want you to take care of yourselves. Mental health is not being discussed during this pandemic and I know a lot of people are finding it difficult to adjust to the new normal. If you’re feeling boxed in and stuck in a routine, find a new hobby or create something. If you are feeling the pressure to always create content, take a well-deserved break and come back strong. Even though you can find a lot of fun content to bring smile to your face, the most important thing to do is to take care of yourself first so that your happiness always comes from within. Love y’all!!”

If you’re missing the Disney Parks right now or you just want to experience some Disney magic online, follow long with Bri on her Instagram page @eatseemagic and YouTube Channel, Eat See Magic.

For even more fun, check out our feature story on the #MagicFoodieTour, which Bri started alongside her friends @bibbidibobbidi_broke and @itsdarlingnikkiread more here!

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