OpEd: Disney Should Create a ‘Home Alone’ Stunt Show

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Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox has led to a number of really cool additions to the Disney Plus streaming service. But what about the theme parks? Could we soon see an Alien or Predator themed roller coaster? Well … no. But what we could maybe see is a Home Alone themed attraction.

We all know that a Home Alone themed reboot is on the way to the streaming service, complete with a new cast. CEO Bob Iger himself even announced the new Home Alone movie, so you know it’s a big deal.

However, what about a Home Alone themed attraction at Walt Disney World? Or any other Disney park?

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Home Alone will make the perfect stunt show for Disney theme parks

Disney Home Alone show

If there are two things that the Home Alone franchise is known for, it’s slapstick and Christmas. Each film follows a single kid as they outwit the world’s most hapless burglars, most famously ‘the Wet Bandits’ from the first two movies (Marv also turns up in the fourth film played by a different actor).

A user on Reddit (who has since deleted the post) posed the idea that the Home Alone movies would make a sensational Christmas show in addition to a fantastic new streaming service original.

Think about it. From November through to January, Disney can replace its stunt shows with a fantastically festive show based on the Home Alone remake.

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Home Alone reboot is ideal fodder for a stunt show

Disney Home Alone show

The Holiday season is a magical time of the year wherever you are, but even more so at Walt Disney World. Home Alone is one of the most iconic Christmas films ever made; In my opinion, it’s even better than the Star Wars Holiday Special, if you can believe it.

Seeing the Wet Bandits take on the iconic Kevin McCallister in a series of increasingly hilarious slapstick stunts would be, what I think, an amazing addition to any Disney park. Disney could even substitute Kevin for a kid in the audience, asking a young boy or girl up to be in control of Kevin’s many, many traps.

Several film franchises have had their chance at a stunt show, and this Hollywood classic is a perfect addition. We all know that the Disney Vault is filled with amazing Marvel and Star Wars films primed to be turned into a stunt show. However, maybe we need to think outside of the box, and into the world of 21st Century Fox.

We need our Disney Home Alone show!

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Do you think Disney should sail on stranger tides and create a Christmas themed Home Alone stunt show? Let us know in the comments below.

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