Comments for OpEd: Disney Should Create a ‘Home Alone’ Stunt Show


  1. Darth Ideas

    Wow, a year-round show based on a seasonal Christian Holiday from a movie 30 years ago starring a has-been child actor with a questionable drug past… with fresh ideas like that, the cast of Hollywood Studios creaky Indiana Jones stunt spectacular must be thinking, “Wooyeah, job security, baby!”

    1. EricJ

      And just the thing for kids to imitate!

      (Why are the Armchair Imagineer fanboys always so obsessed with park-enshrining the “other” things they think Disney owns?
      Y’know, like “Why can’t Leia be a Disney Princess?”, or “How about a Hamilton attraction in Liberty Square?”)

  2. Thomas

    While I love the idea in principle, as I adore the first two movies, the second is my go to Christmas movie every year and has been since 1993, being based around the home there is the danger that kids will just copy what they see live. People may argue that kids see it in the movie, but in the movie you can say it’s not real, but seeing it live in front of you then kids are probably going to think ‘If they can do it maybe I can too’. I like the idea, don’t get me wrong, but maybe not quite the best idea if you look at the bigger picture.

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