How Will Disney Implement Social Distancing in Park Transportation?

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Disney World Social Distancing with Transporation

We’ve all been there. Exhausted, albeit pixie-dust filled, after a magical and tiring day at Magic Kingdom. We just got done weeping, ahem, watching the Happily Ever After Fireworks, and now the inevitable mass exodus out of the park begins.

No matter how big of a Disney fan you are, no one enjoys this part of the day. It can take a solid hour to leave the park. Or more. The kids are asleep on you, or in their strollers, and you just want to get to your hotel room to crash ASAP. Now… throw in social distancing! Sounds fun, right?! Yikes.

Yes, we realize guest capacity at Disney Parks will be severely limited. But let us tell you, from a recent experience at Universal Orlando, even with limited guest capacity, everything involving lines of people moves slower and takes longer.

Disney has canceled the fireworks, possibly helping remove the mass exodus. But will people really not wait until park closing to leave? Considering the reduced hours at the parks? We think not.

So, how will Disney handle moving the smaller-ish masses of people trying to leave the theme parks, specifically the ordeal that is leaving Magic Kingdom, while also having to implement social distancing?

Transportation In and Out of Magic Kingdom

Disney World Monorail
Credit: Disney

Our guess is that each monorail cabin will only accommodate a group/party at a time. This means the monorail lines will be extremely long and slow-moving; regardless of lower crowd levels.

There is also the Ferryboat which can fit quite a few guests. But again, how will Disney social distance in the open spaces on the ferry? Tape on the ground? Guest control cast members? This seems like an almost impossible feat. We do have faith in you, Disney! But we’re super curious to see this play out.

There is always the bus option. Guests heading to Disney’s resort hotels will surely have to wait in long lines there. But social distancing doesn’t seem too difficult to enforce in this specific case. Floor markings for the lines and half-empty buses. Ok. That could work.

When Magic Kingdom has higher than normal crowds, they utilize bus transportation for guests wanting to get to the Transportation and Ticket Center (aka MK parking lot). This could be a feasible option to implement proper social distancing and mobilize guests more quickly.

So, it seems the best guess is more buses.

disney bus
Credit: Disney

Transportation to and from other theme parks

We already know Disney is temporarily suspending the Minnie Van service. This is Disney’s version of Lyft and Uber. But the rest of the options will still be operating. So, there is yet again the Bus option.

Now, what about the Skyliner? Disney’s Skyliner has been met with mixed reviews, especially after the accident that happened shortly after their first flight. However, they operated successfully after that unfortunate accident and they are, for the most part, a quick, easy, and constant moving mode of transport for select destinations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney's Riviera Resort Skyliner
Credit: Disney

Disney has not yet confirmed if they will be flying once the theme parks reopen. But if they do, the questions of sanitation and social distancing remain for the gondolas. Although we feel this would be another successful route to mobilize guests safely and efficiently. One party per gondola. Hand sanitizer throughout. Social Distancing in the queue. Boom. Fly the gondolas, Disney! We think they will help!

Either way, I think it’s fair to say, load yourself with patience and be prepared to wait.

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The New Disney Experience

Disney’s new experience will be a unique one, that is for sure! But we have tons of faith, trust, and pixie dust that somehow Disney will find a way to make this new normal magical.

What are your thoughts? Are you concerned with how Disney will handle social distancing with their complimentary transportation options? Or are you confident they will figure it out? Let us know your best guesses in the comments!

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