Virtually Visit “Lost Vegas” A Tim Burton Exhibit at The Neon Museum

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Nightmare Tim Burton

Recently the Neon Museum, Las Vegas, unveiled its Burton inspired exhibit but now, due to social distancing its almost impossible to enjoy. Fortunately, the museum took to social media allowing fans to virtually visit Lost Vegas online.

It’s been over a decade since Tim Burton’s US followers enjoyed such an in-person experience. Inspired by childhood memories of Vegas visits, Burton crafted original art for the exhibit.

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Disney fans should recognize the whimsical and sometimes dark delights of Tim Burton. These include favorites like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo.

What they may not know is that some of Tim’s inspiration came from childhood visits to Vegas.  Mars Attacks was filmed (using several of the signs seen in the exhibit) in Vegas.

Virtually Visit Lost Vegas

Virutally Visit Lost Vegas Martian

This childhood memory makes Las Vegas’ Neon Museum the perfect place to host a new Tim Burton exhibit. Neon Museum manages a menagerie of neon and other iconic signage spanning Vegas’ rich history.

Virtually Visit Lost Vegas

The majority of the over 40 installations are in the Neon Boneyard, including a 40-foot-tall neon sign called the “Lost Vegas Sign Tower” and a collection of three UFO light-up sculptures titled “Flying Saucers”.

Burton’s sculptures and installations are immersed amongst the neon signs permanently on display at the museum. Burton also contributed a temporary component to the museum’s light projection installation, Brilliant.  Burton calls the exhibition “my own internal Burning Man.”  –Wikipedia

Virtually Visit Lost Vegas

Virtually Visit Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is the second Tim Burton themed museum installation in the United States in recent years.  New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) hosted a whimsical wonderland trip through the prolific director’s imagination back in 2009.

For Lost Vegas, he created (and re-created) specific art for the installation.  Within the museum building and selectively peppered about the boneyard of giant Las Vegas signs of yore, Burton’s creations lurk, ready to “greet” wandering visitors.  There’s even a giant neon “scene” created by Burton for the show. It features words in his own handwriting.

Virtually Visit Lost Vegas orginal creation

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Unfortunately, recent events prevent guests from enjoying this fiendishly fun feast of bizarre art.  Thankfully, the kind curators and tour guides at the Neon Museum recently produced a pair of online video tours of the boneyard exhibit.

There’s an informative daytime tour filled with history and “hidden” Burton art available. Appearances by invading Martians (Mars Attacks) and signage from Beetlejuice join original Burton creations and more during the discussion. Enjoy the entire Facebook live tour here.

Virtually Visit Lost Vegas

Now, a boneyard full of Vegas signage looks amazing during the day. However, after dark, this exciting exhibit REALLY comes to life!  Most of the colorful signs glow brightly as their neon tubes and bright bulbs reveal interesting images and the monikers colorful Vegas giants.

Check out this night-time virtual tour:

A bounty for Burton fans

Enjoying both the daytime tour and after dark stroll through Neon Museum’s Lost Vegas Burton-ized boneyard becomes a true bounty for fans of the director.

With original Tim Burton storybook creatures, movie memorabilia and more tucked away amid the spectacular signs, Neon Museum offers the perfect stay safe at home escape.  Right now, the museum remains closed due to safety guidelines. Until a live tour can be booked, their website offers several different opportunities to explore and a virtual experience about what’s inside.

Virtually Visit Lost Vegas Neon Museum

Will you be virtually visiting Tim Burton’s Lost Vegas exhibit? Let us know in the comments.

Source and images: Neon Museum, YouTube, Wikipedia

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