15-Minute Family Fun: Make Lightsabers Out of Pool Noodles!

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If you have Star Wars fans in your house and you’re looking for a fun summer activity, this 15-minute family-friendly craft will be a hit with all ages.

DIY lightsaber pool noodles are an easy activity that will bring your kids (and you!) hours of entertainment all summer long. Whether you choose to be a Jedi Master or a Sith Lord, use your imagination to transform your backyard into an Outer Rim battleground!

Whether or not you have a pool, you probably already have a few pool noodles laying around the house. If not, you can buy them at most retailers for a dollar or two. Find the full instructions for lightsaber pool noodles below.

Lightsaber Pool Noodles (Courtesy of Disney)

What You Need:

  • Pool noodle – traditional lightsaber colors are blue, green, purple, white, yellow, and red (dark side)
  • Silver duct tape
  • Black electrical tape
  • Knife

What You Do:

Cut your pool noodles in half with a knife.

pool noodle lightsaber
Credit: Disney

Cover about a quarter of the noodle starting from the bottom by wrapping it with silver duct tape.

pool noodle lightsaber 2
Credit: Disney

Wrap three rings of black electrical tape around the top of the silver tape.

lightsaber pool noodle 3
Credit: Disney

Take two pieces of electrical tape and stick them to the bottom of the tape.

All done! Now you can enjoy lightsaber fights all summer long! Remember, all cutting should be done by an adult, even though this is a kid-friendly lightsaber craft.

For added visual impact, wrap bendable glow sticks around your light sabers! Kids will love this “special effect.”

More Star Wars At Home

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You can also get the whole family moving with these Star Wars-inspired workouts you can do without even leaving the house!

Tell us what pool noodle lightsaber colors your family chose in the comments!


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