Hong Kong Disneyland Shares Heartfelt Message to Medical Professionals on International Nurses Day

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Hong Kong Disneyland International Nurses Day

(International Nurses Day is a globally recognized day of recognition of the outstanding work that nurses do for our planet.)

It’s no secret that since the genesis of the health crisis, visitors and native guests alike have relied on medical practitioners more than ever. Many Disney guests from across the globe found themselves stuck abroad, relying on the care of nurses and doctors if they exhibited the virus’s telltale fever.

Shanghai Disneyland may have reopened, but much of the world remains in lockdown. Wuhan and the rest of Mainland China are lifting some government restrictions, albeit slowly and with social distancing employed. Visitor numbers will also be restricted at the Shanghai Disney Resort to ensure that social distancing among Disney guests is adhered to.

The other Asian parks; Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland, however, have not reopened. We recently explained everything we know about when each Disney theme park will reopen, and suggested that as Hong Kong Disney Resort has been testing features like character dining, its park could be looking to reopen.

Regardless, like the rest of the world, Hong Kong owes a great debt to its medical professionals; its nurses, and doctors. It’ll be these brave heroes that work to get China, Hong Kong, and the rest of the world up and running again following the eventual annihilation of the pandemic. And it will ultimately be them that get us back into our favorite Disney park and resort when it is safe to do so.

Hong Kong Disneyland Celebrates International Nurses Day on Instagram

To celebrate these amazing people on International Nurses Day, Hong Kong Disneyland shared this heartfelt message on its Instagram account.

‘A heartfelt thank you’ from Hong Kong Disneyland to medical professionals

Hong Kong Disneyland
Source: Disney

While no one knows when each Disneyland park (or any theme park for that matter!) will be up and running after Shanghai Disney Resort, what we do know is who is on the front lines of this pandemic.

Everywhere there is a Disney resort, there are medical professionals fighting to get the world back to normal. So thank you, to the nurses, doctors, and key workers keeping us safe across every corner of the world.

And thank you to those in Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Florida, and California, for working hard to save lives and ensure that the world is safe once more before we start to return to our favorite Disney park and resort.

With the announcement that Disney Springs restaurants will reopen and Chinese tourists returning to Shanghai Disney Resort, it certainly seems to be going in the right direction.

In Britain, we clap every Thursday night for our NHS staff. But to every medical professional working to protect us from this pandemic, from Beijing to Barcelona; I salute you. You’re the heroes of our Earth.

Thank you.

How does your community thank your medical professionals? Do you like the message from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort? Which Disney park would you like to see reopen next? Let us know in the comments below.

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