Your Guide to EVERY Disney, “Star Wars”, Marvel, and Disney Parks Zoom Background!

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Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios/Lucasfilm

If you’ve been on more Zoom calls in the last month than you’ve been on in your life, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Walt Disney Studios is here to make every conference call more magical (even if Karen from the office still can’t figure out how to use her mute button).

Here, we’ve rounded-up every Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel Zoom background you can install to transport you to where you really wish you were this workweek.

Disney Channel Zoom Backgrounds

Fans of Disney Channel shows can download backgrounds from all of their favorite series here.

kim possible zoom
Credit: D23

Millennials who grew up on late 90s and early aughts will appreciate this Kim Possible video call background that features Kim, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus trying to defeat Shego, as per usual.

bunk'd zoom
Credit: D23

Gen Z Disney Channel fans will enjoy this Bunk’d background that will instantly transport them to Camp Kikiwaka for a summer camp getaway. This Disney Channel Zoom backdrop is perfect for tweens doing school video calls.

mickey mixed up adventures zoom
Credit: D23

If you have preschoolers using Zoom in your house, this Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures background is an adorable choice. Little ones will love seeing Mickey and Pluto in the background during their video calls!

Other Disney Channel video call backgrounds includes scenes from DuckTales, Descendants 3, and Hannah Montana.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Zoom Backgrounds

If you want to feel like you’re living in the sets of your favorite Disney animated movies during your video calls, these downloadable Zoom backgrounds are for you. The full collection of Walt Disney Animation Studios backgrounds can be found here.

big hereo 6 zoom
Credit: D23

Travel to San Fransokyo with this super fun Big Hero 6 video call background. We can’t guarantee that Baymax will come help you with your work, but, hey, it’s worth a try!

princess and the frog zoom
Credit: D23

Spend an evening at Tiana’s Palace with this beautiful Zoom background taken from The Princess and the Frog. You can almost hear Louis playing his trumpet and smell Princess Tiana’s gumbo simmering when you look at this backdrop!

moana zoom
Credit: Disney

If you can’t wait for a tropical getaway (we know we can’t!), this Moana background is just what you need to get through more Zoom meetings. Journey to Montu Nui with this relaxing Disney video call backdrop.

Other Disney Animation Studios backgrounds include scenes from Tangled, Zootopia, and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

There are also a number of Disney Princess backgrounds available here.

belle library zoom
Credit: D23

Take your meetings from Belle’s library in this lovely space from the animated Beauty and the Beast Disney film.

cinderella backdrop
Credit: Disney

We also love this ethereal view of Cinderella’s castle from the 1950 Walt Disney animated classic. This will make any Zoom call more magical!

Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds

If you’d really like to be in another galaxy right now, these Star Wars Zoom backdrops are exactly what you need on your computer. Travel to all of your favorite planets in the Star Wars universe when you go here.

Hoth zoom
Credit: D23

Show your work colleagues you’re not to be trifled with when you download this Hoth background that features a tauntaun and…well…ice and snow (not much else to work with on Hoth).

bespin cloud city zoom
Credit: D23

If you’re looking for something less frigid, celebrate 40 years of The Empire Strikes Back with this Bespin Cloud City video conference background.

millennium falcon zoom
Credit: D23

Make the Kessel Run with Han Solo and Chewbacca with this Millennium Falcon background. Just remember you might be called upon to fix the hyperdrive next time it’s on the fritz…

Other Star Wars Zoom backgrounds include more Millennium Falcon areas, the Death Star, the Rebel Base, and Tattooine.

Marvel Zoom Backgrounds

To take your Zoom meetings from sites in the MCU, download all of the Marvel video call backdrops you could want here and here.

avengers headquarters zoom
Credit: D23

With the opening of Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort officially delayed, this Avengers Headquarters Zoom background might be the closest you get to Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the rest of the crew for awhile.

wakanda zoom
Credit: D23

Take a trip to Wakanda with this beautiful aerial view of Black Panther’s home planet. Your coworkers will definitely be jealous.

groot zoom
Credit: D23

Guardians of the Galaxy fans won’t want to miss this adorable Baby Groot video meeting background. Just make sure you stop him before he pushes the red button…

Other Marvel Zoom backgrounds include Spider-Man scenes and Goose the cat from Captain Marvel.

Pixar Zoom Backgrounds

Pixar fans can visit all of their favorite animated movie sets by downloading scenes here.

toy story zoom
Credit: D23

Take your video calls from Andy’s bedroom with this classic Toy Story background. Buzz Lightyear, Rex, and Co. not included.

up zoom
Credit: D23

Sit in Carl and Ellie’s living room during your Zoom calls with this cute Up background. Just watch out for any snipes while you’re in your meetings!

coco zoom
Credit: Disney

Immerse yourself in Coco’s Land of the Dead with this nighttime Zoom background. We can almost hear Dante barking!

There are many other Pixar video call backdrops available, including scenes from Cars, WALL-E, Inside Out, A Bug’s Life, and Finding Nemo.

Disney Parks Zoom Backgrounds

If you’d prefer to take your video calls from the Disney Parks, go here to find gorgeous images from Disneyland and Walt Disney World!

sleeping beauty castle zoom
Credit: D23

Take your calls like royalty in front of this perfect shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park.

EPCOT zoom
Credit: D23

This background featuring EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth makes us want to be back in the Disney theme parks tomorrow! Using this as your Zoom backdrop is sure to make you feel like you’re back “home” at Disney World.

More video backdrops, including shots from the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s California Adventure, are available.

Which Disney Zoom backgrounds are your favorites? Tell us what you’re installing first in the comments.

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