Social Distancing Disney Magic: Mom Wears Buzz Lightyear Helmet to Get Groceries!

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Credit: Kelly Hogan Painter Facebook/Disney

Social distancing, Disney style: Kelly Hogan Painter, a North Carolina mom, recently shared a Facebook video in which she dons a Buzz Lightyear helmet to visit her local grocery store (and on a chicken nuggets run for her son!)

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Posted by Kelly Hogan Painter on Saturday, April 4, 2020

“When your husband bets you — well, first he tells you that you can’t go to the store without a mask and then you tell him that it was recommended and not necessary. And then, he tells you you can’t go get food for the kids because we have no masks in the house, so you supply the mask.”

In an interview with HuffPost, Hogan Painter, who has three Disney-obsessed kids, stated, “We pretty much have anything ‘Toy Story’ within reach at home. It was Buzz or Chewbacca. And Buzz was more practical.”

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Credit: Disney

Hogan Painter’s unique Disney face mask, complete with retractable shield, has made her an internet sensation. The mom-of-three has now taken to wearing the mask for every grocery store run she has to make during the pandemic.

She reportedly disinfects it every time she wears it, but does find the amusing Toy Story helmet a bit confining, telling HuffPost it is “akin to wearing a neck brace.”

We give Hogan Painter major credit for being willing to wear her kids’ Buzz Lightyear toy helmet in public (and for staying safe until the pandemic is under control!)

More Social Distancing Disney Fun

There’s been no shortage of creative endeavors from Disney fans while social distancing regulations and shelter in place orders are still in effect. This family created an incredibly realistic version of the Disney Parks’ Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (even the famous dog and keys scene was included!)

We also love these at-home versions of Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride. All of these families are making the Grim Grinning Ghosts proud until the Disney Parks reopen.

Even the most beloved Disney characters are getting into the spirit of social distancing, sharing messages with Disney fans on social media. We can’t wait to visit all of the Disney Parks favorites we love again soon, but for now, Disney lovers are making the best of the current situation.

How are you keeping Disney magic in your home during quarantine? Tell us in the comments!

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