Homemade Haunted Mansion Videos Frighten Away Boredom

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Being stuck at home and missing your favorite Disney attraction can be hauntingly depressing. However, by crafting creepy cool homemade Haunted Mansion videos fans fiendishly frighten frowns away.

There’s no doubt that Disney’s pixie dust powered theme park attractions provide an excellent and exciting escape from everyday life. Using these amazing, immersive, expertly imagineered incarnations to escape while at home is pure brilliance.

Haunted Mansion

Shuttered Disney parks prevent scores of thrill-seeking fans from enjoying the benefits of these perfectly themed experiences. However, for a few inventive families, enjoying their favorite attraction becomes an adventure in home movies.  Cast and guests have turned to homemade videos, inspired by their beloved attractions for their dose of pixie dust. Jungle Cruise skippers spieled from multiple locations to create several versions of the infamous river excursion. Families like the Thornock’s shared their home version of the Jungle Cruise and the Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion

More Homemade Haunted Mansion Videos

Inspired by these imaginative, clever creations, more fans found fiendishly fun by filming phantom filled living rooms and candle lit “endless” hallways. Combing coveted collection treasures, delightful doom buggy variations and grim grinning graveyards, these fans pay tribute to Disney’s infamous haunted house.

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Guest Ghost Hosts

First of this pair of paranormal powered performances is this video from a family in Costa Mesa, California.  Angela, Connor, and Dave Gusky’s guest ghost host role takes travelers on a not-so-terrifyingly trip through their transformed home.

Haunted Mansion

So we’ve definitely had some time on our hands…but we figured this is what Disney super fans do during quarantine!! We decided to recreate the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World (one of our favs!)…in our house!

“Welcome foolish mortals…”  -Angela Bretterhorst Gusky via Facebook

Homemade Haunted Mansion Videos rope

Recreating fearsomely famous scenes, like Leota’s séance, ballroom ghosts, hitchhiking ghosts and even Little Leota, this clever video is pure magic to enjoy!

Room for one more Homemade Mansion Manifestation

Final arrangements in this ethereal article, arrive courtesy of actress and director Jenny Lorenzo.  Her homemade Haunted Mansion video enlisted assistance from David Gallegos for its magical manifestation.   Disneyland withdrawals drove David and Jenny to conjure this timeless tribute for their YouTube channel.

Haunted Mansion

A little backstory: Some folks started this trend called homemade Disney where they have recreated their favorite rides at home due to being stuck at home thanks to Covid-19. This was so much fun to do!! -Jenny Lorenzo (via YouTube)

Homemade Haunted Mansion Videos candles

Jenny and David’s version of the Haunted Mansion attic, especially the ‘living’ portrait, is to die for!

There’s always room for one (or even) more . . . Homemade Haunted Mansion Videos

As Disney fans are forced to wait even longer for the return of their favorite theme park attractions creations like these provide perfect projects to pass the time.  Though it seems like the Haunted Mansion materializes at the top treasure for fans, other attractions beg for home movie versions.  We’d love to see what you, dear readers, can summon to YouTube.

Could it be a Disneyland inspired Alice in Wonderland Adventure or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?  Perhaps Walt Disney World Resort reimagined excitement from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or even the Balderdash Cup Competition from the long-gone Adventurers Club (KUNGALOOSH) sparks an idea or few?

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Source and Images: YouTube (Gusky Family video & Jenny Lorenzo video)

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