Hilarious Twitter Thread Imagines How “Star Wars” Characters Would Take Their Coffee

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star wars characters coffee

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite Star Wars characters would take their coffee, you’re in luck. Twitter use @ViWiWrites (Violet Wilson) has created a hilarious thread that imagines how various characters in the Star Wars universe would take their caf.

In true Jedi Master fashion, Obi-Wan Kenobi makes his coffee using the method that requires the most patience and focus (no instant grounds for this Jedi Knight).

Plus, we all know Obi-Wan has an affinity for the finer things in life after he deemed the blaster shot that killed Grievous to be “so uncivilized.”

obi wan coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

Kylo Ren, unsurprisingly, would choose to make his coffee in an AeroPress. The device basically looks like it was designed for him. Are we sure nobody on the AeroPress staff is a Dark Jedi?

kylo ren coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

We can just imagine Rey stopping by the galactic version of Speedway every morning for her gas station coffee fix. No nonsense to the core, of course the scavenger cum Jedi wouldn’t understand the consternation regarding her coffee choice (we’re betting Poe is leading the charge).

rey coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

Speaking of Poe, his preferred coffee brewing method is equal parts rustic and high-maintenance, just like our favorite Resistance pilot.

Dameron undoubtedly would keep buying Chemex coffeemakers regardless of how many he broke, just to prove that he’s as good at the complicated brewing method as he is at flying an X-Wing.

poe coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

We’re not remotely surprised that Queen Amidala (AKA Padmé) would use what appears to be the most complex cold brew system known to mankind (and probably Mon Calamari-kind and Wookiee-kind as well).

The device looks as complex as Padmé’s hairstyles, but we have no doubt she’d have it mastered, just like she did the art of diplomacy.

amidala coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

Han Solo, who has patience for nothing and no one not named “Leia Organa,” simply doesn’t have time to make hot coffee like a normal person.

Instead, he would fill a leftover bucket on the Millennium Falcon (possibly washed beforehand, possibly not) with full-strength cold brew and drink it by the cupful. Poor Chewbacca.

han coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

Han’s one-and-only, the indomitable Leia Organa is, as one might expect, “fueled entirely by a passion for global democracy and needs no additional stimulants.”

Come to think of it, we don’t remember Princess Leia even once requesting a cup of caf…

leia coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

We’re fairly certain there are no Starbucks on Ahch-To, so it serves to reason that Luke Skywalker would turn to natural living following his relocation to the island planet.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t get much closer to nature than spending your daily life in a cave making “matcha tea with the whisk and everything.” You do you, Luke.

luke coffee
Credit: Twitter @ViWiWrites

For more laugh-out-loud-funny Star Wars characters coffee memes, visit the full @ViWiWrites thread on Twitter. Even the droids make an appearance! 

Do you agree with how your favorite Star Wars character would drink coffee?

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