To Get Through Park Closures, Disney Fans Continue to Plan Vacations

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Disney Fans Continue to Plan Vacations

Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort remain closed until further notice. The states of Florida and California continue to evaluate tourism as it relates to the current pandemic, and Disney officials like Executive Chairman Bob Iger and Disney World President Josh D’Amaro join state task forces to reopen businesses. But even amid uncertainty, Disney fans continue to plan vacations to the Happiest Place on Earth.

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It has been over a month since Disneyland and Disney World theme parks closed their gates to the public, and as of April 19, 100,000 Disney employees have been furloughed. We don’t yet have a confirmed reopening date for the Disney Parks in Orlando or Anaheim, and we aren’t sure when Disney plans to make the announcement. Vacations continue to be automatically canceled by Disney, the theme park hours have been removed from the schedule through the middle of May, and special events have been postponed.

But even amid these uncertain times in the theme park world, Disney fans are continuing to play their dream vacations — some even holding out hope that they can visit as early as June 1.

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We previously asked Inside the Magic readers when they believe the Disney Parks should reopen — should they reopen as soon as possible but with restrictions, or at a much later date but business as usual? And after receiving mixed responses to that question, we asked a follow-up.

When is your next Disney vacation to Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Cruise, or another destination? Do you have a trip booked for this year, or are you hoping to visit in 2021? Let us know!

Of course, given the fact that it’s unclear when exactly the Disney Parks will be reopening, we received a mix of responses. Some are excited to visit the day Disney reopens, whether that’s in one month or six months. Others say they are waiting until the pandemic is no longer a concern. And many are waiting until early 2021 or later.

When is your next Disney vacation to Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Cruise, or another destination? Do you have a trip booked for this year, or are you hoping to visit in 2021? Let us know!

Posted by Inside the Magic on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

” June 1 ?rescheduled from march (then may)”

” August 27th-29th ?we’re just waiting for them to cancel Staw Wars Celebration & Star Wars Nite at this point.”

“As soon as WDW opens!!”

“Would have been all last week, now it’s when the gates open.”

“Have a Disneyland trip scheduled for January 2021, but might postpone.”

“Hopefully June 27th. A 9 night on the Fantasy and our 90th Disney Cruise?”

“I have WDW for August, and Disneyland for November through Adventures By Disney. I am remaining hopeful!”

“I wanted to go to Disney World this fall, but it might have to wait until next fall. Even though I expect the parks to be open sometime this summer, I don’t know if I’ll feel safe going just yet.”

“It’s booked for May 28 we are praying”

“My next trip is to Disneyland and scheduled for early July 2020. Even if the park is open, I doubt I’ll feel comfortable flying to CA and deal with crowds in the park. ?”

“June 2-10 God willing”

“2 trips currently booked to WDW. One mid-June and alternate trip latter part of July. Now contemplating moving 2nd trip into August.”

“We are currently booked for November 2020.”

“I rescheduled to May 2021”

“I was supposed to go in December…but I might cancel. My Mom and I were going to go. We will make final judgement if it is safe to go probably by August.”

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But why even plan a vacation now? Well, as many would agree, it gives us something to look forward to. No matter if you want to take a trip this fall or next, a Disney vacation on the horizon can be like a light at the end of the tunnel, especially during these uncertain times. The parks may not be open now, Disney Cruise ships may all be docked, and Disney hotels may all be closed, but we can continue to hold out hope as we remember that Disney will be there to welcome us home someday soon.

No matter when Disney fans have their vacations booked — whether they are hoping to visit in June 2020 or January 2021 — nothing is for certain. But we continue to stay up-to-date with the current pandemic and Disney’s latest news, and we are hopeful that Disney will share more information about the theme parks reopening — as well as upcoming Disney Cruise Line sailings and the reopening of Disney Resort hotels across the country — soon.

For now, our hearts are with every Disney fan who has had a trip canceled because of the current health crisis, and we continue to keep the magic makers — Disney Cast Members — in our thoughts. We hope everyone continues to stay healthy and safe at this time.

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