An Artist is Giving “Lion King” Characters Human Characteristics – What Do You Think?

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lion king characters with human characteristics

Disney fans are spending their time creating some pretty amazing things when they can’t get to the parks. From recreating their favorite Disney rides at home to illustrating reimagined Disney movie scenes, it seems like every fan has their own way of making every day a little bit more magical. One prominent artist has been using his Instagram as a way to showcase his latest project: giving  The Lion King characters human characteristics.

While this may not be how everyone envisions their favorite Disney animals, it sure is interesting. We always love sharing how artists reimagine classic Disney characters — haven’t you see this series of Disney Princesses reimagined as though they were different races and nationalities? So when we came across this series by artist Los Angeles graphic designer Marco the Artist, we knew we had to share.

Marco’s latest project — currently being shared via his Instagram page, @mastermindsconnect — shows through his eyes how the well-known characters from the Lion King franchise would look if they had human characteristics. Think of shows like TaleSpin and DuckTales or movies like Zootopia. If you compare those animals to the characters in The Lion King, you can tell they have different lifestyles. First of all, Lion King characters don’t wear human clothes, for example. But thanks to Marco, we get to see what that would look like with a modern twist.

The first character in this series is “Suave Scar.” As you can tell, these characters are based on the original animated versions and not the live-action remake directed by Jon Favreau. 

The second is the one and only King Mufasa. Need we say more?

Now we have Rafiki, perhaps our favorite in this series since he’s as unique as his character in the original Lion King movie. He definitely brings some great energy to the pride lands.

Marco also illustrated teenage Kovu, who you probably remember from the sequel  The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. 

And our favorite lion couple, Simba and Nala. They aren’t so young anymore!

Take a look at Kiara, also from the Lion King sequel!

We’re definitely excited to see the rest of Marco’s creations on Instagram. As fans of Disney’s The Lion King, this is a fun twist!

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