Comments for An Artist is Giving “Lion King” Characters Human Characteristics – What Do You Think?

lion king characters with human characteristics


  1. Darth Fashionable

    Well, I mean, I guess, at least… it’s NOT princesses?

    But seriously, I thought they’d canceled Thundercats years ago.

    1. Harley

      Lol omg these are the worst i know people are bored but seriously?!

  2. Kion and Rani are always savage

  3. Jeannie

    I wish folks would leave well-enough alone. The Lion King is a great movie, with great characters that our kids (and us too) love and recognize. My question is why?

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      To your question why have the remake? Why destroy rivers of light w it ? Its a 20+ yr old tired property whose musical is way better than the movie but its still everywhere! Take shadowlands over anything beyonces auto tune could sing any day!

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