These “Lion King” Simba Baby Outfits are a Must Purchase for Any New Parent!

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simba baby outfits

Credit: Primark/Disney

Primark, you really need to stop with all this amazing Disney merchandise. First we had the couple Mickey & Minnie Mouse mugs and now they’ve just released a brand-new Lion King collection specifically for babies. I kinda feel that having just gotten married last year and now expecting my first child that Primark is specifically creating merchandise for me!

The new collection is literally perfect for any new parents or anyone that has a young one in the family and is looking to add a bit of Disney into their lives.

Here’s the collection again so you can admire it in its full glory:

Simba baby outfits at Primark
Credit: Primark/Disney

The items start at just £9 ($12) and I’d be very surprised if the item that doesn’t sell out first is the Simba Onesie. I’d be tempted to buy one for myself if they came in adult sizes.

At this current time, these baby Lion King clothes are only available in the UK and Primark are certainly making the most of the licensing agreement they have with Disney at the moment. Primark is slowly growing its stores in the US and has big plans to continue expanding over the next few years. Fingers crossed more of this Disney merchandise makes it over stateside. Either that or I’ll have to set up my own business sending all of the Disney outfits over!

The store has become a great place to source Disney merchandise on the cheap that actually looks good and not something you find in your local bargain bin that wastes away after a couple of uses.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to my nearest Primark and purchase all three of these items for my summer baby due later this year!

Could you see your little one in one of these Simba outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Primark

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