New Matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mugs are Perfect for Disney Couples

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Primark Mr and Mrs Mickey & Minnie mugs

Credit: Primark

Is it just us or are Primark absolutely nailing it when it comes to Disney merchandise at the moment? Every single new product they release is not only great for Disney fans but comes in at an affordable price as well!

This new Disney mug set is no exception to the rule and is perfect for married couples. The set comes in at just £6 ($7.79) and is very much playing on the British sense of humor. The white mugs feature a wonderful illustration of Mickey and Minnie Mouse which on the face of it seems innocent enough. However, when looking closely at the writing you will spot something below the gold ‘Mr’ and Mrs’…

Under Mickey, you will see the term “Mr. Right” written on the bottom. Sorry guys, we all know that isn’t going to work, the Minnie Mouse cup has “Mrs Always Right”, much more realistic. Though I’ve only been married for a few months, I have to say, these mugs paint a scarily accurate picture as to what married life is like.

Here they are again so you can get a good look at the writing:

Primark Mr and Mrs Mickey & Minnie mugs
Credit: Primark

While I am seriously considering popping into my closest store (remember I’m British) and grabbing these for home, these would also make a nice little wedding gift if you’re attending a wedding where the couple loves Disney and has a good sense of humor. Though these are only available in the UK at the moment, Primark is very quickly expanding stateside with plans to continue opening stores into the next few years.

With all the Disney merchandise arriving here in the UK, maybe I should set up a side business sending Primark Disney items across the pond!

Not all of Primark’s Disney items are available online, but you can shop Mickey Mouse homewares and other merchandise on Primark’s website here.

Are you a fan of these or do you know a happy couple that would appreciate these Mickey and Minnie mugs? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Primark 

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