Artist reimagines Disney Princesses as normal people and the results are hilarious

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We have updated this article since we originally published it to include even more images from this artist. Take a look!

We love Disney Princesses just as much as every other Disney fan: they teach us to dream big and never give up on what we believe in. But sometimes we wonder what they would look like in real life (and not at the Disney parks). Well lucky for us, one artist recently reimagined some of the Disney Princesses and gave them more realistic features and mannerisms to show what their biggest scenes may have looked like if they took place in real life. Take a look at some of these hilarious reimaginations of Disney Princesses below!

How Princess Aurora would have realistically looked while sleeping

Cinderella on Facetime after she first woke up

A more accurate look for Ariel from that painfully relatable and unflattering angle

The human world is a mess…but Ariel would be too after washing ashore

We could totally see Jasmine looking like this after rapidly flying around the world on a magic carpet ride…but why does Aladdin still look amazing?

Ariel chowing down on some Pizza Planet is everything we could ever want in a princess movie

Pocahontas experiencing the forces of gravity

Who actually looks as good as Snow White did the first time she ate an apple?

Another unfortunate angle for Ariel

Aurora was under a spell when she pricked her finger, but it would still hurt, right?

Nobody looks that good when being hit by a wave, not even a mermaid…

Snow White looked a little groggy waking up from true love’s kiss…

realistic disney princess

Cinderella must have felt awful when she was upstaged by Zendaya at the Met Gala

realistic disney princess

Jasmine is totally relatable while getting ready for a big night

realistic disney princess

Who would really look good from that angle?

realistic disney princess

Snow White and the huntsman hilariously use the face swap filter

realistic disney princess

Prince Charming discovers Cinderella was actually wearing a wig

realistic disney princess

And of course, Pocahontas, nobody really looks that good in the wind!

realistic disney princess pocahontas

You can view all of these works of art as well as more fun Disney illustrations by the artist Andhika Muksin on his Facebook page.

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Which of these more realistic interpretations of Disney Princesses is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GoSocial, Andhika Muksin 

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