Guest Demands Stay at Cinderella Castle Due to Park Closure; Dis-Community Responds

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With the historic closures of all Disney Parks around the world, a vast number of guests have been affected having to cancel, cut short, or reschedule their magical vacations.

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This current worldwide pandemic is affecting us all in some way or another. Massive corporations like Disney included. That being said, what is the appropriate response to these challenging times?

A post that has recently gone viral shows what we deem the improper response to this situation. Its virality is further proof that the majority agrees with the nonsense this guest is demanding.

WARNING: Adult Language Content Ahead

This guest, a 36-year-old mom, states that when she reached out to Disney to rectify the “hardship her children are facing” due to the closures of the resorts and therefore cancellation of her visit, their offer of a refund or rebooking was clearly not enough. She further discloses her demands to the company that to make it up to her, they should allow her to stay in the exclusive suite inside Cinderella Castle.

In her Reddit post, the woman shared:

“’I said the only way to make up for the hardship my children are facing is to provide us with a truly unforgettable experience, one that goes beyond the standard trip and will completely wash away the painful memories that will undoubtedly stay with them for years. What better way to do so than to stay in the castle of Cinderella herself?’

The social media backlash floodgates opened with Redditors and Twitter users alike bashing this ludicrous behavior. The woman even noted her husband was appalled. She started her Reddit post by stating: “I am writing this in the bathroom because I just got into a huge argument with my husband and I don’t know what to do.” And he was definitely not alone.

Twitter user @daake07 replied to the tweet by saying: “Two things, you are crazy if you think Disney owes you anything for not wanting to break quarantine and population limits. Second, you’re even more crazy if you thought a vacation with kids was going to help your rocky marriage. There may be nothing more stressful than that.”

Some even wondered if her post was real or if maybe an anonymous user was simply trying to stir the Dis-community pot by making such ridiculous demands.


The post has since been removed by the Reddit Community. However, you can still see the comments and the post with the continued conversation on Twitter. It surely struck a chord; real or not.

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Credit: Reddit

Disney is working hard to do what they can in their power to help all the families and guests that were affected by these unprecedented circumstances.

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You can read more about all the current cancellation policies, and magical discounted offers they are rolling out in preparation for a very pixie-dusted reopening (hopefully really soon!).

In the meantime, we’d like to encourage the Disney community to be part of the magic! Why not spend this time dreaming up and planning future magical visits? We can help bring the magic home, too!

Check out these tasty Disney snack recipes, Disney projects to keep the kids busy, and fun things you can watch to bring that magic home while we wait until we are able to experience the magic again in person.

Need some more magic inspiration? Let us know in the comments what you would like for us to share to help you keep the magic alive at home! And be sure to keep checking back with us here at Inside the Magic as we continue bringing you the latest news and pixie dust during this time of quarantine. See ya real soon! 

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